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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Digging Deep

I started reading a new book. (from the mommy must read list) It was recommended by one of the mommies on here.(Thank you!) I added the link, but it is called "The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown."
I didn't get too far, but within the first chapter, I read something that really struck me. 
As I read it, I knew that I had to talk to you ladies about it today.

The section is called "Digging Deep". I am going to type out the little section that really got me thinking. Please remember that these are Brene's words, not mine.
"In early 2008, when my blog was still pretty new, I wrote a post about breaking my "dig-deep" button. You know the dig-deep button, right? It's the button that you rely on when you're too bone-tired to get up one more time in the middle of the night or to do one more load of throw-up-diarrhea laundry or to catch one more plane or to return one more call or to please/perform/perfect the way you normally do even when you just want to flip someone off and hide under the covers.
The dig-deep button is a secret level of pushing through when we're exhausted and overwhelmed, and when there's too much to do and too little time for self-care."

Wow!!! If you haven't already gotten confirmation from my blog that you're not alone,, this should definitely help you believe it. It's always amazing to me, when I read something that feels like I have written it.
There is so much more in this chapter/ book that is amazing, but this really hit home for me. 
I actually read this while my girls were in the bath, splashing water everywhere, scribbling on my JUST cleaned tub with their bath crayons and screaming at the top of their lungs. Perfect timing!!! (Is it a bad thing that I read while they're in the tub??)

Then I started thinking,,, what is my "dig-deep" button? At what point everyday do I need that "dig-deep" button? Where exactly is my "dig-deep" button, and really WHY do we have a "dig-deep" button?? 
I always seem to find it in me to keep going, to get everything done,, but where does it come from?
Many days, I think my dig-deep button is a glass of wine, or 2 extra large coffees,lol, thats what gets me through many days. Or it's the thought of my husband coming home and "thinking" that I've done nothing all day. Lately, it's been sitting down to do this blog. It gives me the "boost" to keep going!
There are some days though that the button just doesn't work.

So,, I'm ending my blog here today, with a few questions for you ladies. (because I am determined to get you all talking! I know you're reading! I have close to 150 views a day,, so now I have to figure out how to get you

What is your "dig-deep" button? 
Where do you pull that last bit of energy from to get things done?
Should we use that dig deep button, or should we just give up? Give up and lay down on the couch for the night?
Should we just give up when our minds and our bodies are telling us "ENOUGH"?? 
Last but not least, does everyone have a "dig-deep" button, do men have one?? 

What do you all think?

Have a great day!! I'm cleaning and getting everything ready for my hubby so that I can go see BRAD PAISLEY tomorrow night!!! 


Victoria said...

I have had to use my "dig deep" button a lot this week. Three little boys with stomach flu, you have no choice. For me everytime that I think I just can't push anymore, my thought is if I don't who will? When things are crazy and I am totally exhausted and you think I just can't get out of bed again, but you hear your husband helping your youngest in the main bathroom, your oldest is throwing up in his bed crying, and your middle is in your master ensuit, even though it has been 3 nights with NO sleep, if I don't get up to help them, who will? I know it sounds cliche, but really for me it is the ones we love that cause me to dig deep and find the energy to push on. I don't know where it comes from, I don't know how I do it, all I know is that I seem to have to find this button more and more these days. But I guess you could look at it another way, If life where easy and we were to just breeze through, we would get to our finally destination without being able to show others how important they really are to us by "digging deep" to help them.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, ladies!!
What an awesome read to start my day! Thanks, S! I always envy people who say "oh Im in the middle of this great book"...or "I've gotta go and get that book and read it after I finish the one I'm reading right now". I always think to myself...*I should be reading!!* Where do these woman find time? In my defense, if i look back to a time where i *did* have time...I also didn't I guess I'm just a lost cause. Nevertheless, I have promised myself that "one day" I will be a reader!!! Until that wonderful day comes....I would like to thank you for sharing the clip you shared in this blog.

My dig deep button has been used a lot lately. I'm not sure what it it guilt? I think my button does have some guilt in it. I mean, if I dont push it and I know I need to...I cant live with myself! So I push it...only to find that I have to push it again, 7 times that day!! Dont get me wrong, not every day is like that. Like I said in the "inspiration for Mommy" section, *Those who ask themselves "WHY ME?!!" everytime something goes wrong, should also question whether they ask themselves "WHY ME??!!" everytime something great happens. So, in fairness, I know the universe has been good to me! I have a great husband (although he is human which can be a problem at times---S, I will be adding my part to the wednesday blog, sorry I havent yet!)...and I have 2 beautiful boys who are my world...I *just*...see, here we go!!! I feel very tired sometimes because they tend to sleep on very different schedules!! i am writing this as I sip on coffee from an insanely large mug...and decide what we're going to do today....After reading Victoria's post, I realize that it could be much one is sick in this house...I just have a very cranky little man who is teething...but again, i have to remember...97% of the time he is all smiles and a delight.

*Dont want you to think I am using my dig deep button for everyday things EVERYDAY...I know it's more of an emergency button....these last few weeks have truly been a whirlwind though. I will share more about what I am referring to in another response to Sarah's blog.

Have a great Friday, Everyone!!


Sarah said...

Thanks so much ladies! I really hope that everyone reads the comment sections when they read the blogs because some of your comments are way better than the blog! That is why I really hope the comment section picks up,, I find some of the comments have helped me so much!
Vicki,, what great points you make,, at the end of the day, I am so glad that I find my dig-deep button and keep going for the ones I love.
Kelly,, I think all of our buttons have guilt in them, hopefully soon that will change!!
Thanks again ladies!

Angela said...

For me it's just a matter of survival! I HAVE to get my daughter fed, I HAVE to get the dishes done or else I'll be that much further behind in the morning, I HAVE to clear the clutter or else my husband and I will end up it yet another argument! (Not that he expects me to, I just don't want to deal with the irritation!) And some days I just don't get it all done, and that's ok too. The leaning tower of laundry continues to pile on top of the dryer and life does go on. Some days I just let it all go and maybe that's what helps me to 'dig-deep' the next day. Or it's those moments of sanity that you work towards....knowing that there's a break coming, the weekend, a night out, whatever it is to help get you through!!

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