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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Impact!

Have you ever read a quote, heard a song, or saw something that really hit home?

Since having my girls, I've "heard" two things that have stuck with me.  By saying Stuck, I mean that I think about both of these things almost daily.They both really made an "impact"!
On many of my tough days, I catch myself either thinking of this quote or humming this song.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt (quote)
"You're Gonna Miss This" ~ Trace Adkins (country song. I will post lyrics later)

I don't usually Blog on weekends, but I was hoping to get your feedback on everything that has inspired you. A TV show, a quote, a song, a line from a movie, a book!! Once I get your responses, I will start a separate page of "Inspiration for Mommy" I'm hoping that I can get enough from all of you to fill the page.
I know that you ladies are reading,, so please help me out with this one!
I will also add a couple more of my own.
Once we have this page added on, visit it whenever you feel like you need a little boost, when you need a reminder to keep smiling!! I'm hoping that what has inspired you, might  help some of us other mommies on tough days! I'm hoping it will inspire ALL of us!!

I'll give you all the weekend to think about it, and hopefully by Sunday evening you will see a new page called "Inspiration for Mommy". It will be on the Homepage right next to "Mommy Must Reads".. That being said, if at any point. next week, next month, you have something new to add,, just let me know and I will put it up.
If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment,, email me at!!

I'll be back on Monday, talking about the "V" word!!!  (insert evil laugh) I know that will get you all back on Monday!!!
Have a great weekend ladies, I'm off to a birthday party!!!


Sarah said...

Page is up!!

Victoria said...

This may sound ODD, but just shortly after my husbands Nana passed away (she passed the day I started having contractions with my youngest) I dreamed that her and I were having a conversation ( it felt so real!) and she told me "take care of the moments, because the years take care os themselves" It totally stuck with me because it is those little moments that we remember the most, nothing is more important than the small things we share with people we love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies
Sarah I love this blog and promise to give my contribution tomorrow...I think I have a few to add

Victoria: I love that!
And S, I love the lyrics to the song!!! Think I better Youtube it so I can hear it!

Hope you have fun at the bday party!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Ladies!! KEl,,, great idea,, i will add the Youtube video of the song,, it's amazing!!!

Sarah said...

Vicki!! An amazing experience for you, and a very powerful quote! Thank you!

Lindsay said...

This is a VERY simple phrase but my Nana used to say it all the time....."THIS TOO SHALL PASS". Some days I stop and think tomorrow this wont be a concern. My mom also always says to me..."when they are in college/university you wont be concerned that they aren't sleeping through the night and I am sure they will be potty trained"
Isn't it so true!!!! We will have other concerns by then!!! Don't sweat the small stuff!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Angela said...

My Grandma used to say that too Lindsay 'This too shall pass'.....I think of that one all the time :)

Angela said...

I saw this link on FaceBook a while really got to me then and it still gets me now!! I think this is a great one to share with other Moms:

Sarah said...

Linds, your mom has said this to me before and it stuck with me as well.

I also love the "this too shall pass" ladies! Thanks!
Angela, I'm so glad that you had the link for this video, I cried when I first saw it on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

:-) First off, sorry for being late with this...I really love this idea and wanted to contribute my 'bit' to the page.

You'll have to forgive me because my delivery wont be perfect!---I remember reading this and it basically said, if you think "Oh God...why me?!!" everytime something bad happens to you (and we're not talking huge-scale here....little things....(but we all know they feel big at the time)...example: your kids get up every hour of the night one night...and you know you'll be super tired the next day)...ask yourself if you also question (OH GOD, Why ME!!!??) when good things happen (again...scale-wise, we're not talking about winning the lottery,although, wow would that be nice!!....little things like getting a compliment, finding that perfect item you were looking for, receiving a phone call from an old friend..having a great day with the kids...etc). This isnt to say that we cant feel sorry for ourselves every now and again, because lets face it...we're HUMAN!! :) But it really helped me with my "Oh Godddd, not again!!!" or "Are you kidding me?!" moments....I realized that if i were to take all of those *less than thrilling* moments and make a pie chart....they would only make a very skinny piece of pie... <3

Hope you ladies like this as much as I did/do!
Remember to ask yourself next time something less than favourable happens...if you are willing to accept it for what it is...since you have so many other great things in your life..that we all too often can think we are entitled to..and sometimes without recognizing how lucky we are!

I really hope I have written this clearly! My brain is mush today!! :) Time for a coffee!!!


Sarah said...

Thanks Kelly! I added it to the list, I think that I figured out what you were trying to say,,,lol... if I got it wrong, let me know and I will change it!! Hope you coffee was yummy!!

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