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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday morning Chaos!

"Mommy?? Mommy!! It's Gracie! Wake up, I have to go to school!" (as if I didn't know it was her! lol)

What an awesome way to start my day!! This is what I hear every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and I LOVE it.
I love it, not only because it is the sweetest little voice to wake up to in the morning, but because it is in fact Tuesday or Thursday. In an hour, that little voice will be entertaining 10 other little people and 2 teachers for the rest of the morning!! Nursery School,, here we come!!!

Please don't be mistaken,, these mornings don't always keep this pleasant tone. Usually within minutes of this sweet little voice waking me up,, chaos begins! "I don't want toast! I don't want to wear that! I don't want to brush my teeth! I don't want a pony, I want two barrettes!" (why do I have no idea how to spell this word?) Honestly, she isn't a brat, she's just 3 and very independent. Like most of us women, she knows what she wants and usually manages to get it! 
All of this usually goes on while I'm trying to decide whether I should let my youngest sleep a little longer, or get her up and add to the chaos. Usually, I let her sleep a little longer. Then, when I finally get her up, I'm in a mad rush to get food into her, diaper changed and dressed for the day.

By this point, Gracie is probably brushing her teeth and most likely there is Dora toothpaste in every inch of my washroom! At least she's brushing her teeth!!! While she brushes her teeth, I pack up her "homework", a change of clothes, snow pants, hat, mittens.... MITTENS!!! Why is it that I can NEVER find 2 mittens??!! They're just like socks, do they disappear? Does the dog eat them? My gosh!! Why can I NEVER FIND 2 DAMN MITTENS??!!!  I find the mittens and... what's that smell?? Lylah pooped! Awesome! 

Next step is starting the car, getting it warmed up. It's freezing cold out and my children won't keep their hats or mittens on. Lylah won't even keep her boots and socks on! (Once we're in that car, all of it comes off). Hopefully the windows will defrost in this time too,, because I HATE scraping!!
So... automatic start!!! AND..... automatic start isn't working!!! Of course not, why would it?!! Out we go to a cold car with 2 inches of ice on all the windows. Did I mention that I hate scraping?!  10 minutes later, we hit the road! I have 5 minutes to get there and its a 12 minute drive. Fantastic!! Why do already crazy days seem so much crazier when we have somewhere to be??

I love our drive to school. (I'm being serious)We have the very same conversation every single time, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. We talk about what she WILL do, what she WILL NOT do. We go over manners and how she'll react to certain situations. We name the names of every child in her class. She then always tell Lylah and I how much she'll miss us while we're gone. She tells us how we should spend our time. Usually she wants us to do groceries. By the time we get there, we've covered everything..EVERYTHING!
Off my baby goes to "school". I have 2.5 hours with my other baby to do whatever I want. I have only one car seat to buckle and unbuckle. I can go to any grocery store that I want ,because I don't need a cart that fits two. (while I am on the subject.. more grocery stores really need to invest in carts for 2 kids,, nothing fancy, just room for 2 bums! Is that too much to ask??) 
I remember that I used to think it was so hard taking one child out to do errands. (and it was! I'm not taking that away from anyone) My gosh though, it's tough with two! I honestly don't know how you mothers with more than 2 do it! (and I don't plan on finding out!)
I never do too much during my 2.5 hours, but its just so nice to be able to get things done in half the time. I'm only getting one child in and out of the car seats, and I'm not stopping to take a 3 year old to the potty every 10 minutes. I'm dealing with only 1 meltdown and not two!

I battled with the idea of Nursery School for a very long time. I didn't want to pay for something like this, when I was at home anyway. Plus, Gracie wasn't even 3 yet, I didn't think that it was really necessary? I started to notice that she was getting very shy around adults and even children. Shy to the point of grabbing my leg, or putting her head down whenever strangers tried to talk to her.. This is when i realized that even though I am home with her, and keeping her busy and "somewhat" entertained, she just wasn't getting the socialization that she needed. 
Within a month of "school", she was like a different child.  She is almost a little too social now! She cries when I pick her up because she is having so much fun, and i think she really appreciates both myself and Lylah a little more when she gets home. She has learned so much, made friends,and she does so many fun things that I could never provide her with at home  It's a nice break for me, and I love having the 1 on 1 time with the baby. (That is one thing we don't get with our babies that come after the first one). Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I do enjoy seeing how different she is with her big sister not around. Some days we just come home and play. I find her so independent with Gracie not doing everything for her. It's really neat to watch her on her own. She misses Gracie though, I think she gets bored.
Gracie will only be 3 when she starts JR Kindergarten this September, my heart beats faster even as I type that. I know though that she'll be fine and that she'll love spending the full day there, thanks to her Nursery school.
I think that this year isn't just a "warm up" for her, but also for me... 2.5 hours twice a week is one thing, but full day every other day?? Yikes! That's a long time to be away from them!!

If any of you are considering some sort of nursery school/ daycare for your little ones, I highly recommend it. It is worth every penny! It is especially worth it when she comes home with her crafts or little gifts that she has made me, and seeing her proud little face as we look at it. It wasn't easy at first, I cried the first few times as she said "good bye mommy" and ran away, but I'm so happy that I took the plunge... It's been a really great experience. Even if it does make my mornings crazier than they already were!

I better get going so that I can prepare myself for the chaos that is about to begin!! Oh how I love Thursdays! Have a great day everyone!!!


Sarah said...

I know that there isn't a huge "point" to this blog, but hopefully most of you will relate to a "day in my crazy life"..

adrexler said...

I love that you brought up the grocery store, this is one place I like going BY MYSELF! I find myself thinking the same thing,"How did I find this difficult with one?" Because with two it's a whole new ballgame, especially when both of them want to walk the store and not ride!
A friend of ours sends her husband with all 3 kids to do groceries when he is home with them and also to more than one store so they can get all the sale items. HA...not a chance in hell i'd do that! If you could have seen the looks on our faces when he told us this story one day, it would have made anyone laugh!!! For this, this guy deserves a metal!!
It's great you put Gracie in pre-school it will probably help her out a lot next year.

Sarah said...

The grocery store really does deserve it's own post. I'm always so frustrated by the time that i get both girls situated, I just want to turn around and go home! Gracie usually wants to walk, but after 5 minutes she wants in. If we are in a grocery store that has only 1 "seat".. I'm in trouble! Next thing you know, I'm having to place groceries carefully around a 3 year old.. not fun!!
I can't imagine your friend doing that! Now, that is something that deserves a medal!! I can't imagine Peter taking both of ours, let alone 3!!! I don't even know if I would.. That is why I usually have groceries delivered these days!

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