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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I must have been meant to see this today!!
Daddy is just sitting back, loving life while Mommy cleans the house! I know there are probably a few ways that this picture could be interpreted, but that is the way I see it!

Ok, so here is what I need to vent about. Maybe we've already discussed it, but I need to talk about it again!
Why is it, that when daddy gets home at night, his "job" is done for the day??? Don't get me wrong, most of the time, my husband is amazing (he usually cooks dinner, helps clean up,does Gracie's homework with her) but the last few nights, he has come in and plopped his butt down, and that is where he stays until I wake him up to go to bed.(I know I shouldn't get mad because its a rare thing,,but really?!)
 I get the girls dinner (we're on a nutritional cleanse program right now, and have shakes for dinner), I clean them up, give them their bath, put their pjs on and read them a story. Last night while I did all of this, he sat on the couch watching tv. We BOTH go up to tuck them in. He gives them a kiss and hug, says "love you, see you tomorrow" which is great, but then that job is done too! Off he goes. I get stuck there with the "I have to go potty, I want a drink" I usually spend an extra 10 minutes before bedtime is "done". 
Again, In his defense, he's had a couple of really hard days at work, and he's tired, but so am I! I've had a busy week already,and Gracie hasn't had naps,which makes for LONG days!
I think that it was Heather who pointed out in a comment that "his day should finish when mine does"! I totally agree! Why do they just get to put their feet up and relax while we still have another 3 hours of "work".. 

Anyway.....I have had a few of you say that you would like to have a weekly blog to talk and vent about "DADDY". I have chosen Wednesday. Maybe because after my night last night I feel like I need it, none the less, Wednesday is now "VENT DAY"!!
My posts probably won't be long, just to the point. I'll pick one thing that has bothered me that week, or something that one of you have mentioned in a comment. I also thought that it would be neat to have some Wednesdays as "Guest Blogger Day"  One of you can take the "mic" and vent about whatever you need to. Let's face it, if I blog about my husband every Wednesday, I'll soon be blogging about Divorce Lawyers.(if he isn't already looking into it!(lol)
We all love our husbands,, there is no doubt about that,, but sometimes a girl just needs to vent. Really, we're probably doing them a favor by doing it on here because 1. we get to release the anger so it doesn't build and build until we blow 2. at the end of the day, we'll hate them a little less because we'll realize that we're not alone!!

What is the #1 thing your man does to get under your skin??

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