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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank You!

You ladies all know that I was going to the concert last night. What a great concert it was! What a great night out!! Four of us ladies went. We had an amazing dinner and some yummy drinks and then hit the concert.
I was excited about the concert, but I had no idea what the night was "really" going to bring me.

I'll start by telling you a story that until now, I haven't really shared.
A few weeks ago I was at the hospital with my hubby. (he's fine) While we were waiting, I happened to glance out into the hall and see a couple of nurses talking. The one nurse was smiling, laughing and dancing around. I remember thinking "what could she possibly be that happy about?".
Sad eh??! That's when I realized that I had to dig deep within myself and figure out what heck was going on with me. There was obviously a problem if I didn't think that it was "normal" to be happy.
So,, I did some soul searching, started talking a little more, and then I started this blog. I knew, that I had been feeling a lot better lately but I didn't realize how much better until last night.

At one point while Darius Rucker was singing, I stopped and thought to myself ~ "I'm dancing, I'm singing, and I'm smiling!"
I was the happy nurse!!!!
I wondered if anyone was looking at me wondering why the hell I was so happy? It made me sad to think that there might be. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I sat amongst 15,000 (or more) people realizing "Life is good"!
I knew that I had to come home, get on here, and Thank all of you ladies.
So, thank you for supporting me with this, Thank you for getting on and reading everyday. Thank you for helping me realize that even though we may have some dark, foggy days, life is good and that I'm so lucky to have been blessed with what I have! I have so many reasons to "dance" like that nurse.
I hope that this blog has helped even just one of you as much as it has me, and I hope that we can all continue on this journey of motherhood together!! I will keep getting on here and writing every day in hopes that it will.

Sorry for being all sappy and sentimental! I'll be back to my normal self by Monday, I promise!! lol
I'm going to leave you with this video to watch. Darius started singing this right after I had this realization last night.. I smiled again. It was like this song was confirmation. It was like I was being told "You finally get it!"!!!
Good luck watching this without tears!!
Have a great weekend ladies, and THANKS again!


Lindsay said...

Tears!!! THANK YOU!

Angela said...

You got me too!! Sniff.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Sarah this song is amazing, I needed to hear this with becoming a new mom and being a step-mom of a teenager who I have already seen some of these stages with already, such a true song!!!! Thanks Sarah for sharing!!

Sarah said...

Sorry ladies!! lol!! Yes Amanda, it is an amazing song! It was even more amazing seeing him sing it live.. It is a song that I have listened to since shortly after Gracie was born and I always think back to it!

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