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Monday, February 7, 2011

Beware: Nasty Mommy!

I had all of these great ideas, subjects that I could talk about today, but I think its just going to be a vent blog again!
I'm just starting to get a cold, I've got two little girls getting sick and I've got my period to top it off! Yep, I'm NASTY!!
I was just huffing and puffing around the house and I thought, well, I may as well go bitch to the ladies!!

Today is one of those days that the smallest little things are setting me off! I know that they're small things, but I can't control it.

Every room that I was into, it's like something jumps in my face and says "I need done, I need dealt with!"
I swear to god, my laundry was done on Friday, yet every bedroom that I walk into, there is a pile of clothes screaming my name.
And of course there are still two baskets of clean clothes that need to be put away. Oh, and a pile on the chair in my bedroom. Clothes that I don't know whether are clean or dirty. Why? Because that is just where Peter throws EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING...

Every cupboard or closet that I open, something falls out at me.
My dog stinks from being outside and getting wet yesterday. This makes me realize that my floors need vacuumed AGAIN because the stinky dog is shedding like crazy and also because my children are little savages. (angels, but savages).
The "angels" by the way didn't get nearly enough sleep on the weekend, and they're not happy little campers. Oh the whining!!! I love the whining!!!
While I'm at it, why are 3 year olds so demanding and why do they have so many questions??!!!  I would pay a lot of money for 20 minutes of silence right about now!!

I have three bins of little girls clothes to sort through, but at this very second, I'm thinking that I might just throw a match to it.
I have no groceries, which means NO DINNER!!!
Oh, and I also have 4 passport applications that should have been filled out 2 weeks ago!!

With all of this to do, and all of my complaining, guess what I'm doing???
Sitting on my butt, typing my blog, wishing that I had a bag of Cheesies and can of Gingerale!!! (I don't though because I have no groceries!!)
So,, maybe I'll just sit, feel sorry for myself and watch soap operas instead!!

Nothing else is going to get done today!(the hubby even told me to sit and do nothing. He must be afraid!) 
As you can all probably tell, I've had enough!! I know that by next week, none of these things are going to be a big deal,, but right now,, these "little things" make me feel like I'm about to blow!! lol

I think this is one of those day that I wish I worked. At least I would be out of the house, and I wouldn't have to stare at all of the things that drive me crazy (plus there would probably be a vending machine close by with cheesies and gingerale!)

Thanks for listening once again ladies,,, hopefully some of you can relate to a day like this and I'm not the only psycho one!


Anonymous said...

Are you in my brain?! lol Man kids are annoying!! I would give anything for my 2 year old to be quiet and sit still (like that is going to happen) thanks to all the people wishing for her to talk and walk as soon as possible! Really I see myself in soooooo much of what you say - it's kinda scary! lol Nothing is getting done here either and that's including the filmy disgusting corners of my tub - you know the spot where are the shampoo bottles sit - that's the one!! And to top it off Tommy is leaving for Montreal Thursday and not getting back until Sunday - so I've already started cursing him -grrrrrrrrr...must be nice to be a dude.

Julie said...

I can totally relate to your day. I'm having the exact same day. I'm getting a cold both girls are sick I have tons of laundry to do, two baskets of laundry to put away. The livingroom is a mess of toys, I walk into the kitchen and the dishwasher needs to be emptied and filled but I don't feel like doing anything today and the mess is making me crazy but I can't seem to find any energy.

Victoria said...

WOW, Gotta LOVE Monday!! Insert sarcasm!! Although I am minus the PMS today I can relate to evertything else! I Spent my weekend feeling like POOP fighting a cold because I allowed this one family to come to care SICK Friday (they are ALWAYS SICK with something!), they drop off today and inform me that the children had fevers all night and are coughing like barking DOGS! I am hacking a lung too, so I tell them, AS PER THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED YOUR KIDS ARE TO BE SYMPTOM FREE FOR 24 HOURS!!!!! ARGH, they leave the kids ANYWAY and go to work, the middle one has a meltdown about how tired and sick she is, the youngest is COVERED IN GREEN SNOT, then we almost miss the bus to get the Gr.1's out this morning because the middle one wants to cuddle and NOT get dressed!!! So I call the parents and they seem to think the kids should stay! UM NOOO! I try to be calm and rational, but HELLOOOO, I just want to YELL WTF at them! So they finally come get them, I spend the rest of my day scrubbing the germs from every surface, the laundry gets neglected, I miss my afternoon work out, I barely get dinner made before karate, and NOW, I am sitting here bitching to all you instead of packing lunches and confronting the waiting email that is going to tell me how great the family is and demand they be allowed back! ARGH! Wow, I feel better, Thanks ladies, your right Sarah that is theraputic! Heres hoping for a better TUESDAY!

Mrs.Moose said...

After a weekend with the kids mostly to myself, I was glad I had a job to go to today! I am just sitting down (9:52pm) and am ready for bed! It is nice to read this at the end of the day sometimes....we really are NOT alone.
Had to laugh at your blog the other day Sar about looking forward to Fridays. I too look forward to the weekend....but I ask myself why sometimes too. This is when I do laundry, clean for the 6th and 7th time that week, run Keagan to hockey, do groceries....and the list goes on and on. Why do we look forward to the weekend? lol...

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments ladies,,and it's nice to hear from you Julie!!!
It's funny you know! I was typing this one and thinking that you were all going to think that I was crazy. It seems though that the crazier I am, the more people that relate to me!! HA!!!
We are definitely not alone.
I've heard a couple of people say "I don't need your blog but I have a friend that will really enjoy it because they are going through "that" too" What would "that" be??? Call me crazy, but I think that ALL moms have days like this, if not every day.
If there is a mom that doesn't have days like this, she needs to start giving some sort of lessons.
Heather,, I have that same "spot" in my shower!!! Yep,, every time I shower I look at it and feel guilty that I haven't gotten to it yet!
And yes ladies, I think I'm going to start looking forward to Mondays and dreading Friday!! HA!!!
Oh and Vicki!! It does feel great to vent! That's why I keep coming back everyday!! lol

Angela said...

Must be something in the air!! I had a day like this yesterday too. I was going to post this under your blog about weekends because I also can't wait for my hubby's days off (he works shifts, so his days off are my 'weekends'). But then, you are so right....there's just one more body around to make a mess and need our time and attention! I think it's going to be so great to have an extra set of hands around....but then I just have to look at him relaxing on the couch while he sees me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, dishes piling up (we don't even have a dishwasher - GASP!) You mentioned sometimes wishing that you worked. Lately I've been giving a lot of thought about going back to work. Honestly, I don't know how we get done what we get done around the house as it is! Imagine if you were working on TOP off all that you already have to do!? I don't know how I am going to do it!! Makes me want to cry just to think about it. The other day I had a dentist appointment. I was running around getting everything 'ready' for my husband, while trying to take care of my daughter, and get myself dressed...I just thought, this isn't even worth it!! I don't even WANT to go to the dentist!!! My husband was at work yesterday and I kind of just needed to snap at someone, so I sent him kind of a nasty email. I don't think he had any idea where it came from!! Poor guy! LOL!! So....apparently I will be getting more help on his days off this week. We'll see about that won't we ladies!!!

Sarah said...

Angela!! You just made me laugh!! The classic "email to the husband"!!! I do it all the time!!! Peter hates them, but now he knows that I'm just having a bad day!
He called the other day, and I picked a fight with him just because I was at my wits end with the girls. I even ended up hanging up on him.
Meanwhile he's thinking "WOW, What did I do?"
I had to send him an apology email 10 minutes later. lol... Sometimes we just have to get it out!!!
Thinking of working makes me cry as well,,especially because I don't know what I would even want to do. I know that I don't want to go back to the industry I was in.
I think that I'll probably suck it up and stay home until the girls are in school.
I would be a much nastier person if I was working on top of all of this!!

Angela said...

HAHA!! The first line of his response was 'WOW!' LOL!! I think he's starting to rethink our decision for me to go back to work. Neither one of us had any idea how much of a full time just this really is!! Originally I was going to try to work around his schedule.....but neither he nor I can imagine him doing full days on his OWN, at least not yet. I guess the jury is still out on this one for now.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late on this one but I had to laugh at the email to the husband because OMG I soooooooooooooooooo do that!!! I thought maybe I was the only one. & Sar about the calling him to pick a fight - I called Tommy yesterday and was like "I'm leaving this house as soon as you get home which means no computer/no tv/no relaxing for you when you walk in the door"...too funny!

Sarah said...

HA! Remember Heather,, if you do it,, someone out there does the same thing! I just happen to be the one that does all the same things as you!! lol
I called Peter after his last "boys night" and said. "did you enjoy your night out?" "Good because it won't be happening again for a very long time!"... He was like "uh......okay!"
LOL...... this is after my other personality emailed him the night before and told him to have fun because he deserved a night out and how much I loved him!!

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