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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day and NIGHT to Myself!!

My mind is still in a thousand different places today. So... as I sit down to write this post (finally), I have no idea where I am going with it!

I have a girls night tonight! An ALL NIGHT girls night!!! We're not going to a bar or anything. About 20 of us are going to a friends place with lots of food and lots of drinks and we're all crashing there. (just so you don't think I'm a totally wild mommy and staying out somewhere crazy all night!)I am so friggin excited, and for the first time ever, I do not feel one bit bad about leaving the girls all night! Daddy will be home with them, so I know they're fine, and I know that I'm helping myself and them by taking the night off..

In a way, my night has already started. I got up this morning, had a shower with my beauties, and took them to Gram and Gramps' for the morning. I dropped them off, hit the grocery store and then went and got my hair done! It was so nice, driving with the music cranked (gosh I love PINK), and knowing that I had the morning to myself! Again, I didn't feel guilty at all, and that felt good!
I found myself feeling excited about something for the first time in a while.
It's amazing what a drive with the music cranked can do! I was able to let go of all of the stress of this trip, and just sing!! I smiled at myself when I realized what I was doing.
"I need to do this more often!" is what I thought to myself.

It was such a small thing, but it had such a great effect!! A couple of hours to myself, doing something for ME!! The girls were happy. My mom and dad were happy because they were with the girls, and I was happy!! It was only a couple of hours, but that's all it took to change my "state of mind"! So why don't I do this more often? Why don't any of us do this more often??  I for one am going to start, that's for sure!

I picked the girls up, brought them home and put them straight to bed... So, not only did I have a morning to myself but an afternoon as well!! I just made a vanilla hazelnut coffee and sat down to start typing!!

As soon as I'm done, I plan on picking out an outfit, doing my makeup and packing my overnight bag!!
I've decided that I'm not taking a cell phone. Nope, no calls, no emails, no texts!! I refuse to have something on me that will allow me to be "checking in" on my kids every 10 minutes. I REFUSE to be "ONE OF THOSE" moms! (LOL)
I will leave daddy the number and address to where I am, kiss my children (and daddy) goodbye, and off I go!!! Did someone say tequila???!!
Some may call that irresponsible, I call it making sure I have a great night, a night I deserve!! A MOMMY'S NIGHT OUT!!
Have a great weekend ladies,, I'll be back on Monday!!


Julie said...

Good for you. Have a great nite! :)

Lindsay said...

HAVE F-U-N!!!! deserve it Mommy!!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! Have a blast, girl!

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