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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


~"But I DON'T like chicken!"
~"I DON'T want anymore"
~"I'm NOT hungry!"

Hearing any of those statements once more in this lifetime, might just make me pull my hair out!!!
What is it with kids? Why won't they eat?
My 1 year old will eat pretty much anything I put in front of her (for now!).. her big sister though is a completely different story!

I think that I did everything "right"... As a baby, I gave her veggies, and meat, fruit last so that she wouldn't get to love the taste of sweet stuff first. I've always given her a little of everything to try.
Seriously though, the kids is like nothing you've ever seen before! Even since she was a baby, she could put a handful of something in her mouth. If there is even a small piece of meat in there,,, she pulls it out at the end. How does she taste that??

It was a little frustrating when she was a baby,, but now that she can vocalize what she does/doesn't want, its a LOT frustrating.
She doesn't like veggies, she doesn't like meat. She doesn't like pasta sauce.
What am I supposed to feed the child???

I know that most of what I'm giving her is high in this and full of that, and I know that is not okay, but I really just don't have the energy to fight about it every night.
I could spend hours shopping, reading, cooking, doing whatever I can to prepare the "perfect" meal that she will eat.. only to have her push her plate across the table and cross her arms across her chest!!!

So, Kraft dinner and wieners, Alphagetti, grilled cheese, pizza pops, pasta shells with butter, and Tim Horton's bagels all start to look a whole lot better in my eyes! When I'm at the end of my rope,,so be it!
She eats fruit and loves yogurt, but when it comes to veggies and meat,, she just won't have any part of it!

Some days, she won't even eat what she does like! (that really makes mommy angry!)

So many people tell me that she'll eat if she's hungry (maybe eventually, but we've gone hours and hours).That I should make her eat whatever is put in front of her.(they should try that for me!) I have tried threatening and not giving dessert (she doesn't care! She even tells people quite proudly "I can't have dessert because I was bad and didn't eat my supper).
Sorry people,, it doesn't work, and again,, I really don't have the energy or patience to fight with her every night.

In this day and age with the pressures of  Organic, and healthy, I can't help but feel guilty every time I give her something to eat. I mean, it's not like I want to be feeding my children food like this every day.
Maybe I'm being selfish. Maybe I should spend more time and energy trying to get the proper food into her.
What is the right answer?

My kids don't sit and eat chips and chocolate or drink pop every day. They don't get treats every time I go out or do the shopping, but they definitely don't have the healthiest of meals and they do eat Dunkaroos and Oreo cookies..
Look at what we ate when we were kids, we didn't have organic this and low fat that! For the most part, we're all still pretty healthy, right?
I'm not knocking anyone who follows a (much more) healthy lifestyle than me. In fact, I wish every day that I could be more like it! I have actually been trying a lot harder lately. However, I wish that we didn't have to feel so bad about giving our kids the only food that they will eat.
After all, it's not going to be like this forever. Everyone knows that kids go through this phase....right??!!!

I was hoping that some of you could leave me your thoughts and also some food suggestions. Anything that your kids eat and like, and meal ideas or snack ideas would be appreciated!!

Now, if you'll excuse me,, I have some Hamburger Helper to go make!!!  HA!!!


Angela said...

OH NO!! You mean this doesn't get any easier?? Feeding my daughter has been one of my biggest stresses! I keep thinking that I can't wait for her to TELL me what she wants/needs!! I'm trying to do everything 'right', like you said, and hoping that will make for a good little eater. I've always wanted to have kids who eat everything and aren't fussy. Maybe it just isn't something you can really control. Hopefully they grow out of it on their own. Good luck with your little one. I guess I might as well just brace myself for the long haul!! And don't worry.....we had frozen pizza for dinner here tonight!

Victoria said...

Hey Sarah, I have a list of some GREAT books on my blog that you may find helpful. Here's the link

Sarah said...

Thanks Vicki!
Angela! I've wondered where you've been!! LOL!!
It definitely hasn't gotten easier for me, but hopefully you'll have a better time with your little girl. All kids are so different. I do miss the days though that I could just shovel whatever I wanted into their mouths!!
I have to start putting some serious effort into getting these two eating better. The worst part is, that Peter and I are very healthy. I think thats what makes it so hard about giving the girls garbage! Starting today,,, I'm going to try!! Wish me luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, indeed my friend!!!
I completely understand and am "living" what you wrote. Funny story--we were at the doctor's last week for a 10:00am appointment, and the Nurse (searching for things to ask Michael & keep him engaged), says: "What did you have for breakfast today, Michael?!" ----so he pauses...and may I just add that he actually TAPS his pointer finger on his chin and throws his eyes back (as he ponders)....his reply: "HOT DOGS AND COOKIES". Awesome! Very proud moment! I could actually feel my face going red...He didnt have hot dogs and cookies for breakfast, I can assure you....but! come to think of it, that's exactly what he had for lunch the day before. Turns out the Nurse said that her son "used to" like that too...but now he's a "big boy" (15 or something) and he eats a big boy breakfast. She played right along and Michael seemed very interested in what a big boy lunch was....n
I think we're all doing awesome jobs, ladies!

Mandy said...

Sarah, I'm so glad you blogged about this! Every single day I feel like such a failure when it comes to feeding my girls, and almost cries at the thought of adding a third daughter to the madness.

Brooke has always been difficult to feed, once she got out of her infant stage, but Lauren was a very good eater...until a month or two ago. Besides KD, Sidekicks, buttered bread/toast, grilled cheese, hotdogs, some fruits, and yogurt, there's not much my girls will actually eat. And now it's often a task a a half to even get them to eat those items, they're getting sick of it all.

So what do a mom do? Yes they say you shouldn't force your child to eat, that they will eat when they're hungry... But when a couple days go by and they've only eaten a couple slices of bread and a yogurt here and there, I feel terrible - like I'm starving my in turn I drive myself CRAZY trying to force them to eat! I can only hope that someday mealtime will be a time to relax and gather my family all together, rather than the most dreaded time of day.

Sarah said...

AHHHH Mandy,, isn't it refreshing to know that we're not alone??!! The list that you wrote of what your girls eat, is exactly what mine eat. It's horrible, but what do we do?
I'm trying out a couple of new methods this week, I will let you know if they work...

My girls are like yours though, they just honestly won't eat. Although, if I let them go long enough, they will choose a yogurt or apple..... which is much better than giving in to cookies or ice cream.
Try is all we can do, right??!! they'll be fine!!

Angela said...

Have you heard of Jessica Seinfeld? (Seinfeld's wife.) She has a cookbook called 'Deceptively Delicious' with recipes in it where you puree healthy veggies and put them into meals and they never even know they are there. My food processor has become my new friend lately with having a baby around!

Sarah said...

Thanks Angela! I actually just came across that book the other day on Amazon and thought that I should get it. Do you love it? Should I put it on the Mommy must read list???!

Angela said...

I actually don't have it myself, but I've heard that it works great for others. I guess I am not quite at that stage yet! But it is defintely a good one for Mommy's!

Sarah said...

Thanks Angela, I'm going to add it for sure!!!

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