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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lets Just Go Home!

I had so much to do today!!!
As soon as the girls got up, we jumped in the shower (remind me to blog about that!), had breakfast, packed our bags and were out the door!! I should mention that we got up at 7:30am and it was 10:45am when we got out the door!!! Grrr... not a good start...

My list of things to do was huge. Get gas, go to the bank, the Dollar store, Winners, PayLess and then to Walmart. 
Walmart was the most important so I thought I better tackle it first as I was beginning to get a feel of how this day was going to play out.

Good thing I did!! We got through Walmart okay, but by the time I got to PayLess which is 2 minutes away, I had a 3 year old in meltdown mode and a 1 year old following suit! Fantastic!!
We lasted about 2 minutes in the shoe store and I said "Lets just go home!"..

Why do I bother? What's the point in trying? 

In my girls defense,, they were tired, they were hungry and they really didn't want to be looking at shoes. In my defense, well, I just NEEDED to get things done!!!

I didn't get anything done, and now my list for tomorrow is twice as long! I just couldn't handle buckling/unbuckling one more car seat, or take one more kick in the gut from my Lylah because she wanted down..I couldn't take the whining! Enough was enough!!

As I was driving home, I wondered to myself why some really smart mommy couldn't think of a way to open a place that has everything all in one place!! Like really, would it hurt to put a Bank of Montreal in Walmart for me???  C'MON!!!

I thought about it once I got home,(while beating myself for not having more patience!) and if I were to have done everything that I had planned today, I would have buckled and unbuckled car seats 23 times!!!!!! Yep, 23!!!! 
Is it really worth it??

That my friends is why I don't get things done, why I don't go out in the winter. 
That is why I am one miserable mommy sitting on my couch bitching to you while drinking a coffee. AND.... that my friends is why Peter will be getting his butt to the liquor store after work (Mmmmm wine) And finally, that is why he will also be grabbing some takeout(Mmmm Thai) for dinner!!

I'm staying home!!!

Have a great weekend guys!!! Hopefully mine ends up better than it has started!


Anonymous said...

I have been TOLD that it get easier, but have yet to see that for myself. Here's one time that I can laugh about now, but at the time I was mortified and yelled "Let's just go HOME!" I was at the grocery store with ALL the kids, my youngest was sitting in the seat of the cart, my middle and oldest in the basket. My youngest was about a year, miserable and on this particular day, Daddy hadn't been back home from his transfer site in 3 weeks, I was exhausted and had that constant well of tears in my eyes (you know the one), possibley had PMS but I honestly can't remember. Anyway, my youngest was screaming about everything in sight! I Nice elderly man came over and was talking to me, telling me it gets better, and to hold in there, he turned to my youngest and started to talk to him. At this point the "little angel" picked up a can of frozen OJ and CHUCKED it at the old man, hit in square in the forehead, CUT HIM, then started WHALING!! I was beside my self, handed the old man a babywipe, grabbed the kids, left the cart full, and got the HELL OUT! So I am not sure if it has gotten that much better for us, BUT there has not been any more assults on the elderly, LOL!

Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH!! I don't know how I missed this comment, but this is the funniest things ever! I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time. i would have died!! You must be able to laugh about it now though! Poor old guy, I bet he doesn't try to be nice anymore!! LOL!!!
That would definitely be a "lets go home" day!!
I've had one every day this week, but I think it's been more about me than the girls!!
Thanks for the chuckle!!

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