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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Today!

I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys today! I just really don't want to do this today!
I'm completely overwhelmed with this trip and everything we're going to need for it. I'm stressed about the money we need to "find" to spend while we're in Cuba, because we're leaving at the 1st of the month when ALL of our bills come out!!!( Poor planning, yes! And... we're going to talk about money tomorrow!)
Both girls are still sick and nasty. I think Gracie has an ear infection and the doctors office is closed. Now, Peter is going to have to leave work early so that he can take her to the after hours clinic because I have clients tonight.
Gracie was supposed to have school today, and I was going to get all of my running around done. That obviously didn't happen. My house looks like a bomb hit, and laundry is once again piled high!
To top it all off, I have no coffee!!! The only one (KCUP) that I had left was decaf. I made it, but Lylah spilled it all over the place 5 minutes after I made it. Thankfully she didn't get burned!
I'm just having a bad day, and can't find it in me to do a regular post!
I will try to redeem myself tomorrow!

I've also been trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the Blog while I'm gone. Is there anyone that would like to be a guest blogger?? If so,, get typing!! Anything you want to talk/bitch about! I will set them all up so that I have one posted every day!! It would really be helping me out if a couple of you did this for me. I don't want to just leave the Blog for a week!!

Wish me luck for the rest of this day. I have a girls night tomorrow night, thank god, and if all of this stress keeps up, I'm sure I'll be spending some time getting acquainted with the toilet by the end of the night! lol
Have a better day than me!!!

Thanks for understanding!!


Lindsay said...

I would suggest to go get a pillow.....put it up to your face AND SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!!!!! Sounds funny but you would be surprised how good it feels!!!!! It will all work out!! Can I help you in ANY way??? Ask for help if you need it....if not me ask someone!!! Take a deep breath and just think when you are in Cuba all of this stress will be GONE...may not feel like it now but it will be all worth it!!

Shelly of the Daisy Diaries! said...

I just happened across your blog today...and sounds like your having quite the day, must be in the air :(
Things will get better! Sounds like Cube is going to be a much needed holiday.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!! The day isn't getting better!! In fact I just got on here to add that my 1 year old just smashed a bottle of red nail polish on the floor, and my dog just came running and knocked my end table over smashing my lamp!! YeP! FANTASTIC day!

Sarah said...

Oh, and welcome to the blog Shelly!!!

Shelly of the Daisy Diaries! said...

Thanks Sarah! Hopefully things are getting better for you today.{?}
Try to have a good night sweetheart!

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