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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pack Your Own Suitcase!

We booked a trip to Cuba today!!! WOO HOOO!!!
I've been so excited about the thought of going, laying on the beach, reading a book, listening to the waves!! (HA! Who am I kidding??! I'll have two kids under the age of 4 with me! There won't be much time for "laying" on the beach!) Either way, I'm excited! 

Now that it is real though, now that the trip is actually booked, the excitement has turned to panic!!! I've got so much to do. How do I even begin to pack for myself, a one year old, and a three year old??
(I've told Peter that he is on his own with his suitcase!! Lucky for him, I didn't get any grief about it!)

When we got home from booking the trip, I sat down on the couch and almost started to hyperventilate. I was thinking about everything I have to get done in 10 days!! I've gone on a ton of trips before, but never have I had to pack for myself plus two little ones! I have so much to think about! Sunscreen, hats, diapers, wipes, medications, toys. I have to make sure I have the remedy to anything that COULD happen!! I have to go over all of the "what ifs".

I turned to Peter and said "Oh my gosh! I have so much to do!"
His response???? "Well I can help you!"
So, I said asked if he wanted to pack Gracie's suitcase.... NOPE. Lylah's?? NOPE!!!
Did he want to pack mine?? NOPE
Did he want to clean the house and get it ready for someone else to live in for a week?? NOPE!!


I filled out 4 passport applications including his, and handed the pen to him while pointing to the exact spot that he had to sign! I will go to the drug store and get all of the medications, sunscreens and snacks that we need to take. I will go to the dollar store and get little gifts to take to the locals. I've done the shopping for bathing suits and clothes. I researched the resort, read the reviews, asked questions........
At what point do you think the help kicks in??
It's really no wonder men enjoy vacations so much, is it??

Isn't this sort of classic for men though? They sit back and enjoy the ride, while MOMMY does everything to get things ready!
It doesn't matter where we go, MOMMY gets the girls dressed and ready, myself ready, the diaper bag packed. Snacks packed, milk packed.
What does daddy have to do???  Put his coat and shoes on and start the car??!! (life is tough!)

Honestly does that piss any of you off as much as it does me??!
It's even worse if we get somewhere and he says "did you remember ............., or you forgot.....!"

Those are the times that I could trow something at his head (again!!)

I've been thinking about all of the times we go places, and Peter sits having a drink, completely relaxed, while I run around after two "angels" the whole time!

Am I crazy taking two kids to Cuba??

I think daddy is going to be in for a rude awakening when he realizes that this trip isn't going to be laying on the beach for a week with a cocktail in his hand the whole time!

Today, I'm looking for some advice/suggestions for travelling South with little ones........... What medicines I should take, good snacks,  any little tips will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance ladies.


Angela said...

My husband does this!! He's always in the car ready and waiting for me wondering what is taking me so long. Well, you're right....I'm the one who is busy running around trying to remember everything and it's usually my fault if it is forgotten! How does that work??? Not fair! Plus, he is the same with always asking me where HIS stuff is, he could at least take care of that!
Congrats on booking your trip! I think you are a brave woman!!! But then again.....I guess whatever it takes to get a vacation right! I don`t think I am ready for a vacation with a kid yet....but hopefully one day! And YES my husband will be packing for HIMSELF! LOL! Good Luck and Enjoy!!

Sarah said...

Oh Angela, isn't it annoying??! Even with this trip to Cuba,, my husband is packing his suitcase. That is it!!! I bought everything we needed, picked up the passports today, packed the girls stuff, bought all of the meds, food for the guy staying here,, and he put some clothes in a friggin suitcase!!! Grr!!
And thanks, I am brave! I'm beginning to wonder what I was thinking!!!

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