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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Hold you Over

I have pretty sick little girl today, so i might be a little late with my post! Here are a couple of pictures from my fun weekend to hold you over.
I had no intentions of getting on the sled (as you can tell by the way I was dressed!), but when I saw how much fun my family was having without, I had to give it a try!!!
I think now, we're going to do this every weekend. It was so much fun, and so good for the soul.
It's amazing how going down a hill in the snow can make you feel so much like a kid again!!! I suggest that you all go find a sled (and some snow) and do it with your kids this weekend.
In fact, I think that I'm going to arrange an adults only night out sledding!! Peter and I had so much fun doing this together, and really, isn't that what life should be about??!
Don't forget to check back in this afternoon!!!

I am posting the link to the sleds that we were on. They are amazing!! I think you can ind them almost anywhere, and they are on sale at a lot of places right now.

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