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Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi Ladies!

Just a quick update! I took Gracie to the eye doctor today, and he seems to think that she is just fine. He said she has a "fold" in her skin beside her nose and at the side of her eye that might just give the appearance of the eye being turned in. Apparently this "fold" will smooth out once her nose grows a little and takes shape.

Here is a picture and link of what it is... the picture on top shows the fold over the girls left eye (to the right). The bottom picture is them pulling the nose up which is exactly what the eye doctor did. It pulls the eye out a bit.......It seems strange but makes sense. Apparently it is very common with Asian kids.. (mine child is as Newfie/Canadian as they come!! lol)

That being said, my gut is telling me to get a second opinion. I wasn't thrilled with this guy, and I don't think he really looked close enough or checked her closely enough. I'm sure he knew what he was doing, but they say that a Mommy should always listen to her gut.
He also said that if anything, her eyes turned OUT a little bit, which I have never seen!! I do not agree,, maybe her eyes weren't doing it at the time, but everyone can see that they definitely turn in a bit.
I'll call someone else on Monday. If two eye doctors tell me not to worry,, THEN I will stop worrying!
Thanks for checking in everyone, it means a lot!!

 &Gracie too xo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything will work out! but I think that if you'll feel better with a second opinion you should definitely get one. I have a feeling that it will all be fine. Heather K

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