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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will trade husband...


I've been waiting for this since last Wednesday!

How is it possible that they can do SO much to irritate the heck out of us??!

Does anyone else have a hubby that avoids doing the things you want him to do?? (Reason unknown? Maybe just to piss us off??) Does he avoid doing the things that you asked him really nicely to do over a week,month, or even a year ago?

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There are so many "little" things in this house that need done. They really shouldn't be that big of a deal, but at this point it's principal!! I asked him to do so many of these things, so long ago. A couple of things I asked for over a year ago! Still...there they sit!! (staring at me,calling my name!! I swear!)
What really gets me is that fact that most of these things are right under his nose. It's not like they are out of sight and he forgets about them!! Some of them are things that he has to walk by or even step over every single day!! He knows that I would love if they got done,, yet,, he chooses not to do them, and then wonders why I get mad!

Of course, if I ask again, I'll just be a nag!

All of these "things" are projects that I would do if I could, but I can't! (hanging lights, putting bed together, hanging pictures, putting heavy bins in storage)
Things that really aren't a big deal! I mean, it's not like I'm asking him to build me a house, or redo my floors!! I'm sure if he spent 1 Saturday (god forbid) on doing the few little things around the house that I want done,, everyone would be much happier! Instead,, he's always got something else to do, someone else to help!!! He's good like that, always wanting to help everyone, but shouldn't I come first??!!!

It might seem silly to get upset over such small things, but when I'm sitting here all day, every day, I have nothing else to look at but these things that STILL AREN'T done!!! It could drive me to drink, seriously!! (It does some days).

So, what's a girl to do??!

Maybe I should just start stepping over his laundry!! What do you think???

Thats it! I feel better, I vented! Thanks for listening!
I'm beginning to think that even though you ladies wanted vent day, I'm the only one that needs to vent. Do you really want to see me end up in divorce?? lol
Remember if you don't feel comfortable leaving me a comment, you can email me and I will be sure to tackle your subject!!

Have a good one!
Tomorrow, we're going to touch on the 5 hardest things about being a MOM!!!

PS~~ I also thought you ladies might be interested in this article from It is from the authors of the book that I mentioned about.  It is long, but well worth the read! I can GUARANTEE that you will ALL enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

I think most of my friends have the hubby that wants to help everyone else FIRST! At least mine is pretty useless so unless someone wants something broken there aren't a list of people looking for his help!! lol but man would I LOVE for him to keep his word on at least picking up his stuff and at least putting away HIS laundry. Really I wash it, dry it, fold it...I really just want him to hang his stuff in the closet or stuff it in a drawer.
I think if I ever wrote a blog it would be strictly about venting about poor Tomster! lol Heather K

Mrs.Moose said...

I would be the same if I had to look at everything day in and day out! Sometimes when I get really frustrated and feel I have a million and one things on my plate and make a list that is titled " Things I have to DO" in bold letters and write out my list and leave it on the island in the kitchen where I know he will see it. In this list it also has things i've asked him to do. Every so often these jobs get majically done. We've lived in our house for almost 6 years and I'm still waiting for him to get our in floor heating hooked up....and all he has to do is send a picture to our friend so he knows what to get, to get the job done! And to think a couple clicks with a mouse is HARD!.........the way my blood is boiling right now maybe we don't need it! LOL...
Oh I love my husband :)

Sarah said...

I make the lists,, it doesn't make a difference!!! I honestly need to threaten!!
It does make me feel better to know that we're all in the same boat!!! WE should all get together, it sounds like our hubbies would get along just great! Heath,, maybe we could arrange for our men to come get some Tomster jobs done!!

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