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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Doctors appointment??!!

Okay ladies, I need your help..... AGAIN!!!!

Yesterday when Lylah got up from her morning nap, everything seemed fine. I changed her diaper, gave her some milk and her and Gracie went on to be the little savages that they are.
About 10 minutes later, she came running into the living room and when I looked at her, I almost stopped breathing. (I know that sounds dramatic, but I have a tendency of being just a little dramatic at times)
Her arms were PURPLE! I'm not being dramatic right now, they were literally purple with red patches. Her right arm was the worst. It was purple from her shoulder to her fingertips. The other are was from her elbow down to her fingertips.
She didn't seem bothered by it at all, I lifted her arms up and down, massaged them a bit, pushed on them to see if they hurt, checked for lumps and bumps, but nothing. There was nothing other than the purple. Oh, and they were cold. Freezing cold.. The rest of her body was warm.

I've noticed that her feet and lower legs have done this at times, but the same thing happened to Gracie when she was a baby and they told me that it takes a little longer for babies circulatory system to mature. So.. I didn't worry about it too much. Now though, it was her arms, that (for some reason) seems a little more scary.
I immediately asked Gracie what she did to her sister! Poor Gracie! I was just in shock and pretty scared and I think that thinking it was Gracie was actually a little comforting at that point. Gracie was very firm that she had done nothing to her "sissy".
Next step, call Telehealth. Of course there was an hour wait to speak to a nurse. So,, hang up and call daddy.
Guess what daddy says????  "Yeah! I noticed that the other day"
REALLY??!!! REALLY!!!! Who "notices" that their daughter's arms are purple and forgets to mention it to Mommy? That phone call didn't last long.. lol

So, now I can't get a hold of telehealth and I've realized that this isn't a freak thing, it's happened before.
I was a basket case.....
There was nothing left to do but clean. lol.. yep, thats the way I chose to deal with it. Clean..
The girls kept running around having fun, and I kept checking on Lylah. It was pretty weird. One minute it would seem to be better and then the next time I looked, it was back..
I finally put both girls down for their naps even though I was terrified to let Lylah out of my site. (I left her door open so that I could sneak in and look at her) By the time she was in bed, her skin looked ALMOST normal. Her arms were still a little more pink than they usually are, but the purple was gone.

Telehealth finally called me back and to make a long story short, after about 100 questions the nurse said to me "I'm going to be completely honest with you and tell you that I have no clue what this is! I recommend that you have her checked within 4 hours"  Just what I wanted to hear!! Have a nice day!!! FRIG!

I might be a horrible mother, but I didn't take her to the doctor. My "gut" told me that she was okay, she was back to looking completely normal and she was acting normal with no other symptoms. Obviously if things had changed, I would have taken her, but I couldn't imagine going to sit in the ER (among a ton of SICK people) with a little girl with no real symptoms. I did call the doctor and make an appointment for Tuesday morning though.

She was great all night last night, no sign of anything weird (and I checked her alot!) This morning she woke up and the first thing I did was check her out. I pulled her jammies off, changed her diaper and let out a sigh of relief that she looked PERFECT. Until after breakfast! I went to take her out of her high chair, and WHAM!! Purple arms! Not like they were yesterday, but definitely purple with the same red patches, and they were freezing again. This time though, it was gone within 10 minutes.
She is napping now, but I've decided if it does it again today, she's going straight to the doc!!

My question to you guys is,,,, Do any of you have ANY clue what this might be? Does anyone have any personal experiences with anything like this?  To me, it seems like a circulation thing, which terrifies me. I researched (idiot that I am) and a child's circulatory system should be fully mature by now. If she was still a newborn/infant (like Gracie was) it would be normal, but by this point she should be okay.
Please note that I'm not trying to get a diagnosis from any of you, and I will obviously take her to the doctor. I am just curious as to what everyone else thinks/ and or what everyone would do if they were me. Should I just take her right to the ER, wait until my appointment on Tuesday??

Thanks for listening ladies, I feel a little better talking about it..


Mrs.Moose said...

I had the same thing happen to Shae and I noticed it when she was in the bath, she was also sick at the time so I thought it had to do with that. It happened again after the fact when she was healthy and again in the bath. It probably is a circulation issue. I still have these issues myself, exept my skin goes completely white and by finger or toenails will be blue. It never hurts to call your own doctors office and talk to the nurse there though.

Sarah said...

Thanks Amanda! It seems to be happening frequently, although not to the same extent as the other day. It seems to be whenever her hands get even a little cold..I think I'll wait to see what the doctor says on Tuesday morning. Is yours what they call "Raynauds" (SP?)

Anonymous said...

my only advice (other than seeing your doctor which you have covered!) is DO NOT GOOGLE!! lol doesn't make any situation better...& that is what I saw too Raynauds...hopefully it's just her little body hasn't caught up yet...keep us posted! Heat

Angela said...

Hi Sarah,
Sorry I haven't been around lately.....I have had a little crawler on my hands!! I just had to tell you that I google everything too, and I worry like crazy. Sounds like you tend to freak out and think the worst - ME TOO! I think that is going to be another one of my obstacles as a mother. And speaking of doctors appointments....we just got referred to a pediatrician because of my daughter's I'm going crazy and looking up all kinds of possible syndromes and diseases. Hopefully your daughter is just fine....and mine too. Everyone tells me to trust my gut tells me that she is growing and developing fine and meeting all her milestones. It sounds like your gut is telling you everything is OK too! I think we should take your friends advice and STOP googling!! Only makes matters worse. Of course it's a good idea to get things checked out just to rule out anything serious, but in the end I am sure everything will be fine. There are a lot of years ahead where they are going to get hurt or sick and we have to be the strong ones!! (I know that is easier said that done!) but it will be ok. Deep Breathe!!!

Sarah said...

Go with your gut Angela. I'm sure she is perfect. My mom told me on the weekend that when I was born, i was almost 9lbs. It took me until I was a year to double my birth weight. I was 18lbs at a year. Most kids double their birth weight by 6 months.. Every baby is so different!! Good luck with your appointments!

Angela said...

Thank you Sarah. And I hope that everything is alright with your little one as well. The hardest part is the waiting and wondering!! I appreciate your responses....hope you are hanging in there!

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