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Monday, March 7, 2011

Battle for the Head of the Table!

It's Monday!!! Only 3 days left for me on the Beach :(
I thought that i would share this post that was lent to me by my friend Vicki. She shared this with me when I was really struggling ( i still am) with Gracie and her eating! She was also kind enough to let me post it while I am gone! Thanks Vicki!
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The Battle for the head of the table...
I am sure we have all been there, the temper tantrums over food, the demands for things they say they will eat, then refuse to after you have exhausted yourself?  The threats to NOT EAT! GASP! Yep, been there, done that, do that EVERYDAY!  I am always amazed at how much power kids try to exert over food, and how often we give in!    My youngest refuses meat, of all kinds!  Through experiment (long hours trying many foods!) I have discovered that he will eat, tofu, shrimp, white fish and chicken drumsticks (sometimes!).  Dinner is always a battle with him, very tiring battle!  If there is one thing I have learned in the 7 years of being a Mom to some very stubborn and picky boys, it would be DON"T CAVE! The moment they smell you giving in they JUMP on you and WHAMO! You are making yet ANOTHER box of KD!  Ya know what worked for me, NOT the they will eat eventually, NOT the belief that it is just a phase, NOT the giving in to their desires.  What has worked is something SO simple it may shock you!  Silence! Yep SILENCE!! I have done this with LOTS of kids and although all you really want to do is argue you CAN'T!  TRUST ME!!
 The food is placed in front of the whining, crying person, I DO NOT TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT, they have 25 mins to eat, at the end of the 25 mins the food is then removed ( or if the whiner decides to throw the food at me, which happens, more often than not, the food is removed from the child, without speaking the child is guided by the arm to their room, still no words, and left on their bed.)  This usually takes a couple of times then the next thing you know they are eating!  Yep EATING!!   It is super hard not to converse with the little whiners, but, trust me it works!  You have won the argument before it even starts.  I have read that 90% of the reason why children children refuse to eat is only to exert there Independence.  From our early beginnings we want independence, and food seems to be one of those things we use to show it.  
My Mom always said "You can eat or go Hungry the choice is yours!"

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