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Monday, March 28, 2011


Happy Monday Ladies!
I had a bit of a rough weekend, so this post is going to be short and sweet. The brain isn't working at full function today.

We were out and about on our "family day" yesterday when I realized what I was going to write about.
We had just gotten to Kitchener. We walked down the second or third aisle in Factory Shoe, and I hear "Mommy, i have to go to the washroom!!!"
Ugggghhh,,, of course you do!! (yes, I think I said those words to her!)
I don't do public washrooms very well, so daddy went with her on the search for the washroom.
5 minutes after returning from the pee I (along with 5 other people!) hear "Mommy, my poo is coming!"...........
This time she was told that she had to wait. Out the door we go (with no purchase) and hit the gas to get to her Uncles (faster than planned) so that her "poo could come"!!

Here is my question ~ Why in God's name do we rush our kids to be potty trained?? Yes, it's great while we're at home, but it's a real pain in the butt when we're out in a public place.

For some reason, Gracie has to go every time we enter a new store. I don't know if it's because she wants to check out the toilet in each new location or if we give the kid way too much to drink. Either way, she pees way too much!
It really sucks when I've got both kids out by myself. We have to leave the cart, stroller, whatever it may be, find a stall, help Gracie with the whole potty program, and at the same time stop Miss Lylah from touching all the filth that comes along with public washrooms. Just like that, my "outing" has turned bad! Usually this is where the outing turns into one of those "Let's just go home!" days

And then.. there are the times that we're driving in the middle of nowhere, with no washroom in site..These are my favourite moments and when I usually turn to bribery!! "If you hold it until we get to where we're going, mommy will buy you a treat!" Works every time! I know one day I'm going to have a big puddle of pee in my car, but I'm taking my chances!! It beats finding a gas station or coffee shop and taking both kids out of car seats to go pee in a yucky washroom!!

I think the worst was in Cuba. Gracie had to pee every 10 minutes. Every time we'd finally sit down, we were beckoned!! Thankfully our room was right next to the pool because the public washrooms were disgusting.
I remember one day, Gracie came running to me from the pool saying that she had to pee. When I let out my little huge sigh, a mother that we had met said "Didn't you tell her to just go in the pool?"!!!!
UMMMMMM,,,, "NO!!!!!!!"
She said "Really? You don't think everyone else does it? All those people at the pool bar all day? There's enough chemicals in there to kill it, don't worry! It sure beats going back to the room every 10 minutes"
As I stood there dumbfounded, Peter spoke up and said "It's not really something we want to teach her. Her Aunt and Uncle have a pool,and we don't want her thinking it's okay once we get home."
Thankfully he spoke up, because I was speechless.
Sure it would have been easier to tell her to pee in the pool, but what are we teaching her? What does that say for us as parents? Besides, I WAS swimming in that pool! GROSS!! The ocean is one thing, but not the pool!! LOL

So that's it, that's my post, I guess it's almost a vent day. It's so frustrating when out in public and they have to pee every 10 minutes. Diapers were SO much easier!!
Have a great day ladies!


Julie said...

When we go out I take along my potty and put it in the back of the van, because I hate going into public washrooms as well. I know its a pain if they say they have to go in the middle of the store you have to leave the store and then come back but I always ask them if they can hold it until we get back to the van usually it works. There has been times where there is no washroom insite and I have forgotten my potty and that was just a huge disater.. lol so after that i haven't forgotten the potty.

Sarah said...

thanks Julie! That is a great idea. That would be one major benefit to having a mini van. I wouldn't really have anywhere to put a potty down for them to pee in my vehicle. I guess it doesn't hurt to have one in the trunk though for major emergencies! Thanks for the idea!

Mrs.Moose said...

So glad I'm not the only one who has a public bathroom phobia!!! Shae is the same....loves public bathrooms.
Love the pee in the pool comment!! Ewwww....the sad thing is you know if she's that way, she isnt' the only one!!

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