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Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm back!!

I'm finally back!!!
I hope that everyone had a great week and that you enjoyed some of the other blogs that I posted.
You'll have to forgive me if this isn't a great or long post, but I am so mentally and physically exhausted that I just don't have it in me. That and the fact that I have 4 children in my house, and a 1 year old with a temperature of 103. Hopefully you can understand!

Our trip was amazing! It was a lot smoother than I ever could have imagined and the girls absolutely loved it.
We did have 4 sets of extra hands, but even on our own, I think that we would have made out just fine. I definitely recommend it to everyone! We now have so many great memories. Lylah probably won't remember but I think it is something that Gracie will remember forever.

My biggest pet peeve while on the trip was something that also drives me nuts here at home. Rude and ignorant people!! I have never seen so much of it in all my life.
It started in Toronto before even getting to the airport. We used Park N Fly. When we arrived at the lot, it was absolutely freezing. It was nice when we left home so I didn't have the girls in the most appropriate outfits. In my defense, I never dreamed we would be stuck standing in the cold for any long period of time.
When we got to the lot, we jumped out, grabbed our bags and headed for the little bus shelter to wait for the shuttle.. There were a few others waiting, but not many. While we were waiting,, and freezing,, more people arrived and had to wait outside the shelter.... We waited, and waited. Finally we saw the white and green bus.. Thank God!!
Well.............. If all of those people (who arrived after us) didn't jump on that friggin bus and leave us (with two small freezing cold toddlers) standing in the cold. None of them looked back, no remorse what so ever!! I was dumbfounded by this.
So,, there we wait, again.. Again, more people arrived while we were waiting. This time, no one was getting past Peter alive. lol.
When the bus finally got there Peter jumped on with all of our luggage and we tried to get right behind him. Again though, People just started shoving there way through. My poor sister in law was holding Lylah and couldn't get through any of them to get her to the warmth. She finally had to speak up and say "Could you let me through with the baby??!"

All of this put me off a bit, but I tried to just let it go. So we encountered some ignorant people, big deal! That was until we got to the resort in Cuba.
People were so rude, I still can't wrap my head around it.. People shoving by me because my 3 year old was walking a little too slow, or pushing by to get through a doorway before we went through with the stroller. People running ahead to get into a washroom before I got there with Gracie.. the list could go on and on and on.
These incidents were people of all ages, young old, other parents.. I could understand if it was a bunch of young kids that don't have children, and don't know better, but other parents??? Come ON!!!

I tried to just deal with it the best I could. I shot people a couple of dirty looks a few times, but for the most part, I kept my cool.
I think that this last example will give you all a bit better idea of just how bad it was though..
Our flight out of Cuba was a late one.. The bus didn't pick us up at the resort until 6:30 pm and we were supposed to fly out at 10:25. It only took about 10 minutes to get to the airport from the resort, and the flight was delayed, so that left us over 3 hours sitting at the airport with two very tired children... (and very tired mommy and daddy too!) The airport was packed!!! There weren't nearly enough seats for everyone and some of us were left standing. For the first little while, that was okay, but after about an hour, Gracie was exhausted. Thankfully, Lylah was in her stroller..
I walked around trying to find a seat, even just one, that I could sit in with Gracie so that she could fall asleep. There were none available. Now by saying that there were none available, I mean that there wasn't a seat with nothing or no one in it.. Some seats were taken by stretched out children sleeping across 3 seats. Some were taken by peoples luggage or books. Unbelievable! Who does that? Especially when they see an airport full of people standing.
I finally gave up, and sat down on the cold floor with Gracie. At least I didn't have to stand holding a 30lb very groggy child.
Within minutes she was sound asleep. People stepped over us to get to their seats, people looked at us and smiled (really, what were they smiling at? Did they think I looked happy? That is all people did though, look at us and step over us.
Not one single person offered us their seat, moved their bag or moved their child so that my 3 year old wasn't asleep on  a cold dirty airport floor!!
I have not been that angry in a very long time.

I definitely lost faith in my "fellow Canadians" this past week. I didn't see anyone prove what kind, friendly warm people we are supposed to be. This saddens me! It saddens me that my children witnessed this kind of behavior and will grow up thinking it's okay. Actually, they won't because I will teach them the manners, courtesy and respect that I was taught. It still saddens me though, that they will even witness it and that they have already been treated this way.

 Would it really be that hard to hold a door for a stroller or to let a child use a washroom first?? To let a child sleep half comfortably on a chair?

Things are no different here in Canada, I've seen it in restaurants or at the mall and other public places. When did our society get like this? What made us this way, because in my eyes,, it's not okay!!
Have a great day ladies,, I'll be back tomorrow!


Mrs.Moose said...

I will say I have had more positive experiences than bad with our "fellow" Canadians, but I know exactly what you are talkin about!! Getting on a packed bus at 10pm after a long day holding a 5 year old who is falling asleep and an umbrella stroller in the other hand (Ryan doing the same with Shae) and the guy beside me (who is in a seat) says "Would you like me to hold that for you?" ....Ya buddy take my stroller for me b/c that would help a lot right now! YOU DOUCHE!!! Get off your ass and tell your girlfriend to get off her ass and how about offer up your seats to the kids????
Honestly Sarah, we both know neither one of us or our husbands would have given it any thought, we would be out of that seat as soon as people in our situation came on the bus or into the airport.
Thank goodness for the GOOD moments in life, and the GOOD people....this world would be one hell of a mess without them!

Sarah said...

lmao! I laugh every time someone uses the word Douche! I don't know why, I just think it's the funniest word ever! You should have asked the guy if he would like to hold your kid, if that was what he meant!!! Some people just don't get it!

Anonymous said...

I have to add a comment here too! I took Landon to the doctor's yesterday and as we make it down the hallway - stroller and all...this woman comes up behind me and before I even had a chance to move the stroller to the side (which I was just about to do) she pushes past into the stroller with an "excuse me" to get to the bathroom...I felt like saying unless you are poopin' yo pants I think you can wait a moment so you don't push my 10 month old over.

Sarah said...

I'm telling you, people are unbelievable!! I have started saying things when people do stuff like that out at the mall and stuff. Even if it's under my breath, it still makes me feel better. I still have to wonder if these people have never had kids, or if they just forget what it's like.

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