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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A letter to my kids..

Hi ladies! Today is my anniversary! 4 years married! We'll be spending the day on the beach, and then boarding the plane later tonight to come home.
I hope you all have a great day and I'll probably be back to my regular posts on Saturday..

I found this blog through Facebook, and loved this post! Enjoy and check out her link....

Post image for 3 Things I Never Told You: A Letter To My Kids

1.     I started making decisions about your lives’ years before your birth.

Boyfriends I dumped because they weren’t good father material (even if they were fun,) men I never even went out with because it was clear from the start it wouldn’t work, jobs I took to ensure I could stay home later, books I read and activities I undertook to understand myself and what I wanted from life.
All these decisions had a massive, direct impact on your coming to existence and what your lives’ are like today.
Mothers just do these things.

2.     I wasn’t sure I wanted children…until I wanted children.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to pass on my struggles, my neuroses, my genes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be tied down, committed, my options limited.
And then one day, I realized that was exactly what I wanted because there’s freedom in commitment, a freedom to explore intimately within the confines, that intimacy enabled by the very state of the confinement.
And I came to realize my struggles weren’t so bad, pretty normal in fact, and I overcame them.
And the overcoming was a gift. To pass on. To you.

3. I wasn’t sure I’d like being a parent.

Before I had you, the most I’d stuck with anything was about 18 months. Then I’d hove to and change – a job, a relationship, my location.
I wondered if the same would be true of parenting. Would I be screaming for release before two years was up?
Yet here I am eleven years later, still plugging away, still reminding you to clean your rooms, your teeth, your bottoms.
So what gives?
Well, I couldn’t give you back. I had no choice.
Oh, there were times when I wanted to, there were times when I did scream for release but they were just moments, seconds. Occasionally a few minutes on a very bad day.
And then it was over, and everyone calm again.
And you’d change. Develop. There were new challenges, new problems to solve, new achievements to celebrate.
I like being a parent.
At my core. It is who I am. It’s not a choice, it just is.
My love for you is unwavering.
And it’s great. And solid.
Some things will not change. Not ever.
That is one of them.

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