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Monday, March 21, 2011


I HATE Mondays! Like, with a passion, I HATE Mondays!!!

Maybe it's psychological, but I'm always so tired. On top of it, there is double the work that needs to be done because of the weekend. (I've already vented about this, so I won't get into it again!)
The girls both got up this morning wanting Daddy.. Gracie says "I thought Daddy was going to stay with us all day!" and Lylah walks around the house calling "Da Da".Both cry when they realize he's gone for the day. It's hard to comfort them when I'd like him to be home as much as they do.

I decided last night, that today would be the day that I did some organizing. The girls bedrooms are what my friend would call "organized chaos". I'm at the point that I actually hate going into them because I look around and see so much that has to be done.
It's not like they're dirty or anything, the girls just have so many too many clothes and toys, stuffed animals, books!!
What I really need to do, is go in with a garbage bag, and start pitching. The problem with that is, I can find sentimental value in everything that I look at. I'm only like this when it comes to stuff of the girls. I just can't get rid of their "stuff".

I got up this morning, went into Lylah's room to get her and thought, "I can do this!". I then walked into Gracie's room to find some clothes for her, and could have screamed. I guess when she was supposed to be sleeping last night, she emptied every single one of her drawers on to the floor...
There I stood looking at a mountain of wrinkled clothes... So now, on top of the 3 bins, 1 laundry basket and a closet of clothes that I already have to organize, I have 3 drawers worth of clothes to refold and put away.

I think this is the only  "negative" of having 2 girls.. The clothes!!! If I would have had a boy the second time, all of the girl clothes would have been out of my house, and I would only have to sort through boy stuff. Now though, I have:

Too big for Gracie
Too small for Gracie but way too big for Lylah
Too big for Lylah but will fit soon
Too small for Lylah and need to get rid of.

On top of it, they have so many friggin clothes that do fit them right now. There is always laundry to be put away, always laundry that needs done..... I think that I could honestly open a little girls clothing store at this point.
At this very moment, Lylah has 3 bins and 2 laundry baskets of clothes in her room. Most of which don't fit her right now. Her drawers are full and he closet is full. What am I supposed to do with that??!
Obviously I haven't been doing what I should be with it because I have clothes piled on their dressers, on the floor of their closet, in my laundry room, and even in my bedroom. I can never find what I want for them because it could be scattered in any of the above places.
Maybe I should just pitch it all and start fresh???!!! lol

What do you ladies do to keep some sort of organization of clothing?? I need some tips before I go completely insane. I already have nightmares about the clothing!!!

Have a great day, I'm going for dinner with the ladies tonight!! I'm so excited and I'm sure I'll have something good to talk about tomorrow!! For now though, I'm on my way to the laundry room. If I get some things done today, I won't feel so guilty about going tonight!!

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