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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm going to attempt this quick post while my sick little monkey is sleeping. It won't be a long one, but I'll do my best.

I know that I've touched on this subject before, but it was never a really big issue (for me) until our recent trip.
You guys are probably all going to laugh at me (just like everyone else does) but that's okay. I need to vent.

I need to vent about what pregnancy does to our BOOBS!!! Like seriously!!!
One part of my body that I was always happy with and never had an issue with was "my girls". They weren't too big, they weren't too small, I think I was a 34C and they were just right (for me)..

Then I got pregnant!!! They turned into bowling balls. I honestly think that at the biggest, they were bigger than my head! I hated them. I couldn't put any shirt on without it instantly turning "sleazy" looking. Shirts that used to look really "cute", were now "sleazy"!!
They were uncomfortable too! I couldn't lay on my stomach, and I could never get the seatbelt to sit in the perfect place "between them".  (I don't know how you large breasted women do it!)
I really did hate them!
Almost immediately after I finished breast feeding Gracie, I got MY boobs back and I was happy. I then got pregnant with Lylah and boom, the "beasts" were back!
Again, I hated them, but I knew that they'd be gone as soon as I finished nursing. Which by the way, is part of the reason I quit at about 4 months. I just wanted my body back!!

What someone/anyone failed to tell me, was that after this one, not only would the "beasts" shrink,, but they would completely disappear. Like, how is that even possible?
I'm working on getting over it...unsuccesfully!
How is it possible to go from a 36DD to a 34A???!!!!
Most people wouldn't even consider what I have, Boobs. They're more like little bumps planted on my chest. It's pathetic, it really is.

I was a little insecure about them this past year, but it was never really more than a thought. I knew they were small, but big deal, right?
That was until I started bathing suit shopping.. It got even worse once I got to Cuba and put on these sexy little bikinis that could never possibly look sexy (in my opinion) when there is nothing "filling" them!
To make it even more depressing, I had to look at all of these young girls with killer bodies and perfect, perky boobs. All while I looked like a 12 year old little boy in a bikini! Awesome, just awesome!

I think the hardest part for me is that I've worked so hard to get "my body" back. I've lost all my baby weight plus some and I feel great in that sense. I've worked so hard to get it back, yet I've lost the one thing that for me has always given me the "sexy" feeling.
The only way that I'm going to get them back, is to gain 20 pounds back (which ain't happening!), or get a boob job.
When I got into bed last night, I told Peter that I want a boob job. lol (I was being 100% serious! Don't judge!)
He laughed at me! (I didn't think it was really that funny)
I don't want "the beasts" back, just "my girls"..
He showed his support by saying "a push up bra is cheaper". I don't think he realizes that push up bras aren't "miracle" bras. They cant push up what isn't there!!!

I guess I'm stuck with these little things, but I'm going to complain about them every day until i die!! (or until he gets me a boob job!!)

Can anyone relate to me on this, or am I alone? Pregnancy does some crazy things to our bodies,,, what would you change back to the way it was??


Victoria said...

Thank you for the chuckle (NO I am not laughing at you, it is ME) I read this yesturday, so this morning as I put on my tiny little 34B bra, lifted, tucked and primped the girls into place I burst into a fit of laughter! I couldn't help but think, "These girls really are sad, and I agree with Sarah, our husbands OWE us some new girls!! `cause there is NO WAY that I am packing back on 60 lbs to get back my DD`s!! AND after all, he`s the one that wanted our own HOCKEY LINE!!" So thanks, glad to know that I am not the only one missing the girls!

Anonymous said...

Sar...saw the bikini pics from Cuba...and you are smokin'!!! never once did I think there is a body of a 12 year old always we are the hardest on ourselves! you are beautiful chickie...but I do know what you mean...mine although back to relatively the same size(mind you I do have another 35 pounds to lose) so they might disappear after that but mine are so stretched without a bra they will hang down to my belly button!! can you say GROSS!! lol I told Tommy I wanted a tummy tuck and I think he x'd that idea too! I should have told him he could have his penis enlargement at the same time and that would have kept him guessing for days about whether he actually needs one or not!! ha

Sarah said...

You guys both made me laugh out loud this morning. Heather, I was going to say the same thing to Peter.. Hilarious! I think the only reason he says "no" is because of the $$$$, not because he wouldn't love them..
Vicki, I'm so glad that someone else can relate! It's so true about the lifting and tucking. I guess I'm going to have to look into one of the Victoria Secret's Miracle Bras.
Surgeries like these for new mommies shouldn't be considered cosmetic, they should be clasified as mental health and covered by OHIP!! lmao

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I just had to comment on this because I have never ever had any boobs, I feel like the flattest woman in the world. I find it very embarrassing and hate it!!! I don't know what will happen now that I am pregnant but who knows they sure can't get any

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