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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drinking with Kids

So what is everyones "take" on drinking (alcohol) when the kids are in your care??
I've honestly never given it "real" deep thought until just recently.. (This vacation has stirred the pot on a lot of subjects!)

Peter and I aren't HUGE drinkers, but we're drinkers. We like our wine at dinner. We usually have it on Thursday night. Ummm,, and then right through until Sunday. lol
So maybe we are Big drinkers (don't judge!lol) 
We also have drinks most Saturday nights. We usually have company, which means the girls are here. They are typically in bed by 8pm, so I've never really given much thought about having a few (or a few too many) drinks, once they're tucked in safe and sound.
I found out just recently that many people won't drink at all if the kids are in their care.
Here I go, back to being a nominee in the category of BAD MOMMY of the year!

So really?? There are parents out there that won't drink if their kids are with them? Even if they're in bed?
I realize that at any point, anything could happen, but are we really supposed to stop living our lives and having fun because something "might" happen? If it really came down to it, which I can't see, there are cabs, there are ambulances, there is a thing called mother instinct that is going to sober you up pretty darn quick if need be.. right??
There is never a point that we're acting like 16 years olds and being stupid (when we have the girls,,lol) but we do have more than a couple glasses of wine.
The worst that has ever happened, is me having a really bad headache and making daddy get out of bed the next morning instead of me. .

And then there is this question,,,, what about a situation like I was just in.
You're in Cuba, the sun is shining, waves are rolling in, and the drinks are free and only 20 feet away at all times. Do you have some drinks, or do you say no because you have to "care" for your kids?
Anyone that knows me, knows that I went for the drinks. I drank throughout the day, never getting wild or silly, but definitely happier than I would have been without the drinks, a couple of days.
Did I ever feel that I couldn't care for my girls the same? Never! Would I ever put myself or my children in the position that I couldn't care for them? Never!

We came across a lot of different people on the vacation. Some felt the same way as us, and some had different opinions on this subject. I respect everyones opinion, and I would never judge, or expect to be judged. Unfortunately, I think that there was some judging going on.
I "over"heard this comment "How can someone care for their children when they're drinking?" at least twice during the vacation. I bit my tongue each time because it wasn't spoken directly to me, although I'm pretty sure it was being directed at Peter and I.
I was kind of shocked by that. If one or both of us was falling over, staggering drunk, I could understand.  However, when my children were laughing, smiling, being fed, and being played with, I think we were doing a pretty good job caring for our children while drinking our Havana Specials, THANK YOU!!

That being said, there were a couple of people that I saw on the vacation, that I didn't so much judge, but more wondered how the heck they did it.. How they managed to drink so much and still get up with the kids in the morning and get through a full day. They did it though, every day they did it, and I bet you they had more fun than any of us.

So what is everyones opinion on this.. Can we have some bevvies and still be good , responsible parents, or should we hold off on any fun until the kids are in the care of someone else??

I really am curious as to what the majority of you think, so please leave comments.
Also, as I was looking for some fun pictures for this post, I came across this similar blog. I guess this is a subject that is addressed frequently.. Check it out~


Victoria said...

I got this quote the other day in an email "when we judge other we show our true colours". I think that everyone has a reason and a story, so unless you are PERFECT, you have no reason to judge others. I look forward to my saturday night wine with friends almost every week. We never drive, always walk or are at our house. The kids get to have a fun movie night with Dad's special popcorn and Mom and Dad Get some much needed "adult time" We get to recharge our batteries, and enjoy a fun filled Family Sunday refreshed and destressed! Could you imagine if we as parents never got that time, we would BURN OUT!!! So I say, have a drink, relax, and recharge.

Mrs.Moose said...

Well seeing as my son wished me a happy birthday last year with the comment " Happy Birthday Mom! Are you going to have a booze party?" I believe that tells you what side I'm on! Common I had two children...I didn't die!...and I haven't killed them....YET!
When my kids were babies I probably didn't indulge as much because they were more needy, but now they sleep through the night so mama's goin to let loose every now and then.

Sarah said...

HA!! Amanda,, that is classic. I knew what your answer would be to this one. We're too much alike..
Vicki, i agree 100%!

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