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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vent Day

It's Wednesday!!! You know what that means!!!

I have a hard time even writing this because my husband has been almost scary amazing lately, but sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!! (Sorry in advance honey!)

I had a pedicure client a couple of weeks ago, and we were on the subject of men (of course) and their parenting abilities (or lack of in some cases)
I have to admit that she is one of those "perfect mommies" in my eyes. Or at least she was. She definitely seems to have it all together, and they seem to have that "perfect" life. Once again, it was refreshing to sit and realize that we really are all in the same boat!

We discussed how when we go out, it's always us packing up all the stuff, getting the kids ready, getting ourselves ready while the men stand at the door waiting, wondering what in the hell is taking us so long.
We talked about how they "just don't get it"..
We also talked about something that we haven't touched base on (or vented about) while blogging yet!

Are men really able to "parent" or be daddy when there is any sort of electronic device  in the room??!!! I mean, a TV, an Ipod, a computer, a blackberry, any cell phone, a video game............ are they capable??
I'm a firm believer that they can't! Really, they can't multi task at the best of times, and we think that they're going to be able to care for our kids with their face shoved into a blackberry or Ipod??

I don't know how many times, I've watched one of my kids go over to my husband and either want up or say "daddy, guess what?",,,,,, NO RESPONSE!!
"Daddy!!",,,,, NO RESPONSE!!!

Are you kidding me?? It's moments like that, I could easily throw that phone or Ipod, TV if I could, right at his head!!! Your child (whom you haven't seen all day) is talking to you!!!
That is the other thing! If I was gone all day, hadn't seen my kids, do you really think that I'm going to come home and stare at a phone all night?? I just don't get it!!! 

I have to wonder what happens when I actually go out and leave them all alone for the night. My guess is, that he is finally "FORCED" to put the damn blackberry/ipod/remote control down and focus on the girls, but part of me wonders if they spend the whole time trying to get his attention...
I'm hoping, that he is forced to put it down, knowing that MOMMY isn't here to take care of things!!

I know that I'm not alone with this one, at least one other mommy goes through it, so there must be more! Do you ladies have to deal with this, or is there something else that steals your man's attention when it should be his child(ren)????

I'm signing off now. We leave tomorrow around lunch, and I know that I have so much to do today/tonight and tomorrow morning, that there will be no way I'll get another post in. What I have done though is scheduled posts to be put on every morning while I'm gone. Again,, weekends not included! I've posted some other mommy blogs that I've come across and enjoyed and I also included the link to the website so that you can check out some other great sites!! 
Have an amazing week! Don't hurt your men while I'm gone, and wish me luck!!!! I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you when I get back!!
Thanks ladies, and talk to you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and please try to relax as much as possible, sounds impossible I bet but you are just going to have to put Peter in charge of the girls for awhile why you sit back and have a drink or just relax!!! Easier said then done I bet!! Anyway hun I really hope you have an enjoyable trip and that you do have a fun trip!!!

Anonymous said...

have a wicked awesome, RELAXING trip...stay away from bad wine...& enjoy some precious family time...heather...

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies. I'm hoping that this stress will lift once that plane lands in Cuba. As of right now 11pm the night before,, I can't even breathe! Taking two sick little girls to another country!! What am I thinking??!!! AHHH!!
That being said, I can't wait to see the look on those little faces when they wake up in paradise on Friday morning! Have a great week! S

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