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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bedtime with Daddy!!

I'm doing this as a sort of "public service" announcement!!!!

Mothers! Do yourselves a favour and make sure that daddy takes his turn putting your baby(ies) to bed every night!!!
Not exactly what bedtime with daddy looks like.
Peter and I always used to take the girls up to bed together. Lately though, Daddy has gotten a little lazy when it comes to the night time ritual and mommy has been doing the tucking in...

Well!!! The past few nights, I've been unable to put the girls to bed.. Shouldn't be a big deal, right?
I laid out the pjs, diapers, wipes, milk etc.. and went on my way.
I made everything as easy for Peter as I possibly could..

Gracie and Lylah had other plans for daddy!!

You have NEVER heard two little girls scream as loud and as long as when Peter tried to put them to bed.. They would have no part in it.
They cried, and they screamed. They were mad, and they wanted "Mommy!"
I was in the basement and could hear the screaming, yet there was nothing that I could do to help. My heart broke, yet at the same time, it was probably a really good experience for everyone involved.

By the time I finally made my way upstairs, all 3 of them were a wreck.. The girls had alligator tears and puffy red eyes. Daddy just had a really red face and ears.
The girls were so beside themselves that I couldn't even manage to get them calmed down enough to go to sleep... Gracie took a few minutes and some bribery, but Lylah took some rocking and some singing, some more rocking and some milk.. I think it was after 10pm by the time I finally got them both settled.
The poor things they were a mess, just because they knew mommy was in the house and not putting them to bed.. Daddy (who they usually like better than me) just wasn't good enough and they made that very clear!
What bedtime did look like!!

Poor Daddy!! I would have loved to have his blood pressure checked at that time,, I think it was probably dangerously high!! It was probably good for him to see, and he's definitely learned something from it. I did however feel bad for him because he seemed pretty upset. I didn't think that was probably the right time to say "what do you expect?".. but really??!!

So, That is my mother to mother advice for the week!! Let daddy have his turns doing bedtime,, for everyone's sake!!!


Victoria said...

Hey Sarah, I actally have the opposite problem. My boys are used to Daddy being home and doing bed times (most nights it is both of us, but he is always there). This Saturday Justin was out at a Pocker Tourney, so it was my night, I tried my best to have a fun day with them, tire them out, and feed them some yummy pizza for dinner cause I knew bed time was going to be be, um FUN! And for sure all 3 of them had a melt down because there was no kisses from daddy. My Oldest was so stressed about what time daddy would be home he slept walked down the stairs and stood in front of me as I sat on the couch! CREEPY!! My middle guy woke up 3 times to see if Daddy was home yet and my Youngest had a very restless sleep. Finally at midnight I had had enough. I ended up putting on Dad's hat, and big jacket, went into the rooms, gave them a kiss and pretend to be him. It worked by the way, perhaps suggest to Peter to try that next time the gilrs want Mommy, LOL!!

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