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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air!

K, so the only thing I'm doing today is bitching!!!  Some of you probably wont like it, I really don't care. I'm saying what I have to say!!

I dropped Gracie off at school this morning and headed out shopping with my Lylah. We decided to go to Georgetown because I wanted a HomeSense.
We had a very successful shopping morning. Mommy could have gotten into some serious trouble today, but I decided to be good.. (Until next payday!)
Anyway, we were having a great morning,, and then we left the store. On our way out the door,, we get hit in the face with a big cloud of cigarette smoke! AWESOME!! Just what I want blown in my 1 year old's face!!

Ignorant people!!

Okay Sarah, Suck it up, move on.

We went to the dollar store next. Got what we needed and left. What do we get when we walk out the door?? SMOKE IN THE FACE!!!! 2 middle age women (I would have tried to understand a little if they were teeny boppers) apparently out for their "smoke break" and coffee with not a concern in the world. They had no clue that their FILTH was blown right at us. That made me even more mad. If they had noticed and apologized, I wouldn't have to be ranting right now.

C'MON PEOPLE!!!!! I realize that it's spring, it's beautiful outside and you're out getting your "fresh air"! But please,, if you're going to smoke, step AWAY from the buildings. Go sit in your car with the window down or something, or go stand at the back of the building, but for the LOVE of god, don't stand in the middle of a very busy public place smoking.. Don't pollute MY fresh air! Don't pollute my 1 year olds fresh air!! If you want to fill your lungs with crap, go nuts,, but I would prefer if you didn't contribute to it entering my baby's lungs.
Have some consideration, some respect!!!

Isn't there a law on this?? Don't people have to stand so many feet away from buildings when they are smoking?
Why do these people think its okay? Do they not see that their smoke is blowing directly in the faces of people walking by?? Do they just not care??
I guess my point is this : Fine if you don't care that it's blowing in my face, but have some consideration for my little girl. Fine if you want to kill yourself, but go do it somewhere that we don't have to smell it or breathe it!!

I would say sorry to all of you smokers out there that maybe aren't guilty of this, but I'm not. The ignorant people out there that smoke have ruined it for the rest of you.
Feel free to leave your argument below if you don't agree with me. (or comments if you do)

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