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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food Problems,,,, again!!

I just have a really quick post today because I'm super busy. My post is a question for everyone.

Does anyone know anything about food sensitivity testing or food allergy testing?? Does anyone have any personal experience with it??

Lylah has problems with some foods, and we seem to have narrowed them down. Recently though, she has started eliminating foods on her own.. Certain foods that she used to love, she now refuses. I'm starting to wonder if it's because she knows they make her feel yucky?
She used to LOVE cheese, now as soon as she sees it, she holds her hand out signalling "NO WAY!" She won't eat any sort of cheese. Cheese Whiz, cheese strings, grilled cheese, cheese slices..
She also now refuses to eat any sort of deli meat, hot dogs, bologna.. It's so strange..
I have basically figured out that unless it is fruits, veggies, bread or pasta, she won't touch it.. Well, unless it's chocolate, cookies or crackers! Even then she's pretty fussy..
So,, I'm wondering if I should have her tested for allergies or sensitivities. What does everyone think? I have to figure something out because it's getting very hard to feed her..
Opinions, and comments are needed please!!!!

*** I was in a rush writing this! I should have added that Lylah is very irritable after a lot of her meals, she very often has spots of eczema and she is either constipated or has diarrhea the majority of the time. I would like to think that she is just getting picky, but unfortunately, I don't think so*****


Victoria said...

Hey Sarah, i think kids go through phases. I know mine do, they are times when they only want scambled eggs, then all of a sudden they HATE them, but 2 weeks later, bam scambled eggs again. But you do have to be careful of certain foods that are high risk for allergies. Try alternatives to dairy like fortified soy milks and cheeses to get the calcium,and personally I would say ( but I am not a Dr.)that it sounds like the foods she is eating are good for her and to get the protiens into her make her a shake, what better than a hot dog. Don't fight it go with it, I am learning to choose my battles, and trust me it is making a huge difference! Jake won't eat meats, so I give him tofu he likes it and I am happy he is getting his protiens! Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Thanks Vicki!! I just added a bit to the bottom of this post,, Lylah has other issues that I forgot to add which lead me to believe it's more than her being fussy, but I hope that I'm wrong!!

~ *Sandra* ~ said...

I would be afraid of a lactose issue - I dont think there's any harm in a sensitivity test, just to rule things out. You dont wanna fool with an allergy. And if its a phase, then no harm, no foul. :)

Sarah said...

Hey Sandra! She's definitely lactose intolerant. We found that out at about 6 months through trial and error, but I swear she was born puking,, that went on until I put her on lactose free.. I think there are other things bugging her though as well..

Victoria said...

Hey Sarah, sorry I didn't know about all that. I would agree it is better to be more cautious and have her tested. I have a little one in my daycare that is allergic to a lot of stuff, her Mom has done an excellent job finding safe recipes for her. We make her banana muffins and pumpkin cookies here all the time. THey are lactose, egg and sugar free.

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