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Friday, April 15, 2011

Milk in the Cupboard!!

So I think the best way to explain why there was no post yesterday is to just give you the conversation that Peter and I had when he got home last night..

I was sitting on the couch. More like slumped on the couch when he walked in. It was one of those days that all I did was look up with my eyes only,, basically to acknowledge that he walked in,, and then looked away again (poor guy,, like it's his fault i had a bad day).. Welcome home Honey!! He probably felt like running out the door.

P: "What's wrong?
S: "Today is one of those days that I could run out the door now that you're home, and not come back until tomorrow!"
P: "OH" (he always knows the right thing to say)

He brought dinner home, so I can't say anything too bad.
As we were trying to get organized for dinner, I hear him say "Wow,, you did have a tough day!"
As I turned around, he was laughing and pointing to the cupboard where the milk jug sat.
We all had a pretty good laugh at it, but it was still very obvious that mommy was at her breaking point if she opened a cupboard thinking it was the fridge, and put the milk away!!!

That's when I opened the wine!!

So,, my day was crazy yesterday and I just didn't get around to talking to you ladies.. I will however redeem myself. I will be back this afternoon to tell you all about my visit to the gyno and what big decision I made.. It's all very humorous really!!

Have a great day, enjoy the sun and make sure to check back later..


Anonymous said...

loved your post!!! Cant wait to hear about the decision!

Angela said...

Oh how I can relate to this one! Sigh. Thanks for a good laugh! LOL!

Sarah said...

LOL,,, Anytime Angela!! You know you can always count on me!!

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