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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nap time

The day was bound to come! I've been dreading it for a while. This week, however, was the worst week that it could have come.
It's officially time for Gracie's nap time to come to an end.
She will sleep for a couple of hours every day, with a little bribery, but then she is up running around until 10pm or later every night. Not cool!
As if the realization of this wasn't bad enough, I've come to accept that fact that I also have to stop putting Lylah down for her morning nap. Again, she'll sleep, but then she wants nothing to do with her afternoon nap.
I don't know about you guys, but I need that afternoon nap time! I'm not going to lie, I do my laundry and tidy up yes, but all while watching One Life to Live and General Hospital! Yep, i do! Don't judge!

I guess now if Gracie is going to be up, we're going to have a bit of a problem with that, aren't we? I will somehow have to convince her to play downstairs and put that TV on for her while I sneak upstairs to catch my shows.

You all realize what else this means right? IT means that I'm no longer going to have a single second to myself during the day. No more making a coffee, grabbing my laptop and plopping down to creep Facebook. No more morning emails while Lylah sleeps and Gracie is in school. Heck, my blog time is even at risk!

Obviously, i'm not quite as "accepting" of this "end of nap time" realization as some may be. In all honesty, I think it sucks!!
I'm looking for suggestions today. Does anyone have any ideas or tips to make this transition a little easier, or a way that I can keep naps? If not, some tips on how to keep my sanity would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day ladies, I'm taking my girls shopping. I can't seem to find fake limes anywhere so the hunt is on!
I'd also like to Thank everyone who sent their concern for Lylah. She is doing fine, to me, she seems perfectly healthy. I'm hoping she IS perfectly healthy and this is all nothing. We are still waiting on a call to get our appointment time for Hamilton. In the meantime, Mommy is going crazy (literally) while waiting for the call.


Sadie said...

I just stumbled across your blog and really like it! My own girls are 5 and almost 2, so I hear your pain about nap time. When my oldest was over naps I was pregnant with #2 and desperately needed a nap myself. We established "quiet time" that occurs at the same time as nap time. My oldest daughter may choose between playing in her bedroom, watching any video of her choosing or a little time playing a computer game. Usually she is really good at understanding that this is everyone's time to do something on their own and I make a big deal about doing something together after quiet time like play-doh or painting. I don't usually get the whole nap time to myself, but I generally can squeeze and hour of quiet time in. Good luck!

Mandy said...

Oh Sarah, I wish there were some tips I could give to make the no-nap transition easier on you, but unfortunately I don't have much!

Brooke will be 4 this June and has not napped in almost two years. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it, I had no say in the matter - She stopped napping and that was that. It wasn't an easy transition for her either since during her nap time she would put her cranky pants on, in need of a nap but wouldn't give in.

It was like a shock to my body, all of a sudden I had to entertain my two year old from 7/8am to 7pm everyday AND take care of my 6 month old. Plus, me being quite the clean freak, I still HAD to make time everyday to clean my apartment.

Now, within the past few months, Lauren has been gradually growing out of her naps as well. After just turning two on Tuesday, she often goes an entire week with napping only once of twice - and that if I'm lucky. It's challenging, mentally and physically draining, but I know that in just a few short months Brooke will be starting JK and as much as I need that break, it's going to break my heart every second she isn't near. So I cherish every last second with her each day. My babies arn't babies anymore and the thought of having less control over them overwhelms me.

I wish for a fast and smooth recovery for both you and your girls. It's a transition that is difficult for all three of you lovely ladies. So take a deep breathe and cherish the bitter sweet change, for one day they'll be out of your reach and you'll long to have these days back again.

Sarah said...

Welcome to the blog Sadie, I'm happy that you're enjoying it! Thanks for the tips,I am definitely going to try Quiet time for an hour every day. If I could just get her to play quiet for an hour i would be thrilled!
Mandy,, 2 seems so young! I guess that I'm lucky that Gracie is almost 3.5 and still napping. It's true that I should probably stop them anyway with her going to school in September which is so sad but exciting at the same time. I have to stop myself more often and remember that I have to enjoy these moments! thanks for the reminder!! Have a great weekend ladies.
Sadie, I'm going to dig into your blog right now!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! It's me!!! your long lost blog-loving-reader! I swear I miss reading your blogs...they're such enjoyable reads. I've been busy, as I know you know, but when I ask myself what ONE thing has kept me the most occupied, I dont even have an answer. It's just the day to day stuff in general. Anyways..I'm sure all of you ladies can relate!
I've been struggling with sleep issues (naps...lack of naps!) with Michael (my almost 3 year old) since he was born. Not fun. It's so "normal" to me now though, that when other moms talk about their free time when the baby/s nap...I have literally no clue what they're talking about. Having said that, there *IS* hope!! I still come on fb...creep..(lol)....drink know...the usual! :) I'm the first to say I have no time in my day but seriously, it's the 5 minutes here and there that get me through the day:). Patrick (my 8 month old) has a 1 hour (NEVER longer) morning nap and then one afternoon snooze that is usually under 2 hours....he's also a night owl like his brother...not sure if God was trying to punish me or just see how strong I am...but thank God for undereye makeup!!! I'm always exhausted it seems!! ANYWAYS! I have a ton of catching up to do with your blogs...and have just read the April editions...and would like to comment on other ones as well, so I really should wrap THIS one up!!! :-)

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