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Monday, April 4, 2011


Do you think I'd be the worst mother in the world if I told all of our family and friends not to buy the girls anymore toys???!
Okay, maybe not toys in general, but small toys. Like if the object has more than 2 pieces or if it is smaller than the average pop can,, we don't want it!!!
Would that be rude? Would that make me a mean mommy??

I am so sick of picking up little pieces and trying to find a home for all of the little pieces that belong to 100 different baby dolls.  I'm tired of trying to figure out what piece goes with what!
And then there are puzzles.. The puzzles that both girls love to open and DUMP all over the floor. The puzzles that are now all combined and could never be put together if we tried!!
OR... we could talk about stuffed animals. No word of a lie, we have hundreds of them. We've got monkeys, we've got bears, we've got fish, we've got cows, bunnies, ducks. Why do people love buying stuffed animals so much??
I don't want to sound ungrateful because I know the girls have loved every single gift that they've ever been given, and we appreciate everything we get,  but OMG!!!! We have too much stuff. Too many little things with too many pieces!

I'm probably guilty of buying some of this crap that covers my basement floor. For instance,  I was the genius that bought the most recent "craft kit" and had the awesome idea of creating a "craft area" in my basement.. The "area" is now the whole basement complete with glitter glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, felt, decals,beads and stickers. My basement looks like a friggin' craft bomb exploded.
Perfect example of what NOT to buy! I made this mistake!

I feel like I should go and personally apologize to all of the parents of kids that I have bought gifts for with a thousand pieces or that could be even a bit messy..
Even playdoh sucks!! How does it end up in so many little pieces all over my house?!

I'm proposing a new parent code!!! If something you look at for another child has more than 2 pieces or is smaller than a pop can, take your hands off of it and WALK AWAY!!!! Ask yourself if you would like your kid to have this gift. If the answer is no, WALK AWAY!!!

Let's try to put together some good gift ideas that won't drive mothers insane but that kids would still love. Any ideas??

I'm off to continue cleaning my basement now, hopefully I have enough garbage bags to get me through!!


Anonymous said...

just cleaned THREE toy boxes worth of stuff and filled several garbage bags and my children are only 10 months and 2 1/2 years!!! CRAZY...I can't handle the toys with pieces that "should" stay drives me crazy when things go missing.....grrrrrrrrrrr...good luck with your basement! h

Sadie said...

I did this, sort of. 2009 Christmas when people asked what to get I asked them to not buy toys, or to think educational only. We gave a long list of things our oldest was into and educational "toys" that fell along those lines. It all backfired b/c rather buy from our suggestions most people gave her clothes and they were often the wrong size. This meant multiple trips exchange or storing away clothes until the fit....some are still too big! That aside - we purge toys and all other things kid every 4 months or so. I throw away/donate with reckless abandon and feel good about it too. We also recently instituted the adult only cupboard - it includes puzzles, games, crafts, etc they may only be taken out with adult permission and must be returned before another is removed. So far it is working! I totally sympathize with you!

Mandy said...

I so know where you're coming from Sarah.
But NO, you would not be a mean Mommy if you told people that, as I ALREADY HAVE lol Whenever anyone asks what they could buy the girls for Christmas, birthday, etc. the very first thing I say is, "Not toys! DO NOT buy toys!!"

I look at it like this - Maybe someone would call me a mean Mommy for saying no to toys, BUT whenever I have to spend hours going around trying to find one little piece of something that my 4 year old "NEEDS NOW" it pisses my the eff off to no extent. So I'd rather tell people not to buy anything of the such since I'm the one who looks crazy and mean when I finally lose my mind searching for something that Lauren has probably thrown in the garbage already!

So glad you blogged this!
I thought I was the only one...guess not : )
Much love.

Victoria said...

O, SO TRUE!! I was my own worst enemy this year at Christmas. I told everyone that my oldest liked LEGO! So of course all 3 ended up with some sort of lego! ARGH!!! I am still stepping on lego pieces, even though I thought I have packed them all away, and the worst part is my youngest has some of my OCD issues so when his lego car fell apart (because they do that) I would be in a frantic panic to put it back together THE RIGHT WAY MOMMY! While he screamed and cried that the one light wasn't right! So I totally agree, no toys! We usually ask for $ towards education, or sports, I think my lego request taught me a valuable lesson!

Anonymous said...

MY GAWWWWD do I hear you!! I've always been a sentimental person but when it comes to Michael's 1 million pieces of MADE IN CHINA "crap" laying around the house....the cats using them as stepping on panicking Patrick will choke on them....I swear to you, I could get rid of EVERY SINGLE thing and feel no remorse!!! So, to answer your question....with another question!!..."If YOU are a bad mom than I must be awful!!" I've officially HAD IT with all of this junk! I'm down with the Mom code!! I too have been guilty of giving these "precious things" to Michael's little friends...all the while, smiling and saying: "havvvve funnnn!!!" ---sarcastically to the Mom!!! I mean, you want your kids to be kids....have fun....make a mess...its not the end of the world...but I do agree...there comes a point where ENough is ENOUGH and I think we reached that point with Michael when he was about 1. Suddenly it just seemed that between his birthday gifts, Christmas, Easter, and any other "non-holiday" that Grandparents, friend and even Lucas and I (we're totally guilty too!) decided to buy him something....suddenly all of those things were starring back at us....and let me tell you,.,'s bloody scary!!!!!

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