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Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Meal!!!

8 Times is how many times I stood up from the dinner table last night to either pick something up, wipe something up or get something someone wanted.
Mommy continuously got up while everyone else in my family enjoyed their meals!!! Grrrr...

Last night, I think that Peter had one whole plate of food gone before I even had to have a chance to sit down at the table.
I swear that Gracie watches, waits, and as soon as she sees me getting ready to sit down, she demands that she NEEDS something. It might be a spoon instead of a fork, or it might be ketchup, a juice or some milk,, and then I get them milk and she decides she wants chocolate milk... It's never ending...

The only thing I ask for is one meal a day that I can sit and enjoy. Is that too much to ask??!! I know I'll never get it,, not for a few years anyway, so in the meantime, I'm going to bitch about it.

I have 2 shakes a day as my meals for breakfast and lunch. Even they are impossible to sit and enjoy because both girls love the shakes so much that they're at my feet the whole time begging for some. Lately, my breakfast shake has been at around 11am and my lunch shake at 3pm.. I'm so busy running around with the little munchkins that I either forget or just can't find the 2 minutes it takes to make the damn shake..
I know, I'm feeling sorry for myself!!

Once dinner comes, I'm so excited to sit down and have a good meal. The only problem is, I'm never sitting.!!
Who's family dinner really looks like this??!
I often ask myself why the girls never think to say "DADDY I WANT" instead of "MOMMY I WANT".
I also wonder why daddy never steps up and says "I'll get it, you sit and enjoy your dinner!" Especially when he's been done his meal for 10 minutes and I'm just starting mine!!! (okay, Peter has done that A COUPLE of times,, but not enough!)

One meal, that's all I want! One meal to sit quietly with my whole family. No interruptions, no big meltdowns, no major spills or messes and no getting up 100 times to get stuff.. ONE MEAL!!!

I could go on an on about this subject, but I have one child in school and one napping so I am going to go enjoy my shake (note it's 11am!!!) and a coffee in PEACE!! Have a nice day ladies!

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