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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sorry Ladies,, I never should have said that I would do the blog on a Saturday.. Obviously, it didn't happen!!

I just wanted to let everyone know because I am so excited, that this blog has now been viewed over 5,500 times!! I can't believe it! Thanks again everyone for coming back every day to read about my crazy life. I hope we can continue on this "journey" together.
I'll continue posting as long as you ladies keep reading.

I also wanted to let you all know that I made some adjustments to the PAGES on this site. On each page now, you will find a COMMENTS section, so now you can add things you would like to them. Whether it be, Mommy Must Reads, Inspiration For Mommy, or Kids Say the Cutest Things. The pages seem to be sitting there with not much action, so I was hoping this would help..
I've also added a Discussion page. If anyone has a general question for other mommies out there, or something they want me to discuss, feel free to put it here. Basically, anything goes.. Maybe you just need to vent,, trust me, you'll feel better once you type it out,, so add it to the "Let's talk about It" page.... I'd love to get a discussion thread started to get everyone a little more active. I hate doing all the talking!! LOL!
Please also use this page if you have something you'd like me to add to the blog... or if you have a great idea for me!!

Thanks again ladies,, my next goal is 10,000!!!!! 
See you Monday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah for writing...I love "tuning" in every few days! With Emma and Gracie being so close in age, it's VERY similar to my life! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!

Happy Blogging...on to 10000!!!


Sarah said...

Thanks Kristin!! I'm happy to hear that you're relating to these. It's especially nice on the days that I feel like I'm alone! It's funny because the days that I write and think "they're really gonna think I'm nuts!" are the days that everyone relates to the most!!! lol!! Thanks again!!

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