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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Terrible.... what??!!

Honestly,,, whoever decided to call it the "Terrible 2's" couldn't have had a 3 year old!!!

2 was EASY compared to what I'm now going through. The talking back and sticking out the tongue, the ears that don't work, the dirty looks..... I don't remember any of that coming from a 2 year old!

I've been struggling with Gracie for the past couple of weeks.. I've been making excuses for her since we've had a rough month in this household. I just keep thinking she's acting out because she can feel the stress and doesn't know what to do with it. And... maybe that IS what's going on, however, I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm dealing with a bratty teenager!
Where does a 3 year old get attitude like this from? She thinks nothing of throwing something at me, or pushing me out of her way and storming upstairs if I say something she doesn't like. This can't be a learned behavior, because she doesn't see anyone in this house behave like that.

Last night, we had our worst run in to date.

Gracie The angel had a nap yesterday because she needed one. She REALLY needed one! So,, of course, bedtime came and she "wasn't tired". We let her stay up a little bit late, and then went through the bedtime ritual. Surprisingly she went down really well.
I went downstairs and waited to hear the banging and running around that I normally hear, but SILENCE!!

WINNING!!!! lol (so we thought!)

About 2 hours later (10pm) I heard a little noise from the top of the stairs. I jumped up thinking that something was wrong, that she woke up sick or something. I went running and saw her sitting cross legged at the top of the stairs. From downstairs I asked her what was wrong and she said "I told you I'm not tired!" Ugghhh.
I start climbing the stairs to plop her back in bed like I normally do.
Only this time, when I get to the top of the stairs, I am greeted with something completely different than usual.
I see a blue Sharpie marker (that I've never seen before by the way!) laying behind her with the lid off. My eyes automatically go to Gracie. She has "painted" her nails blue! Grrr....... pain in the butt but not THAT big of a big deal. You can imagine I'm mad though, right? WAIT!!!
As I lean over to pick up the marker, my eyes catch my hallway wall. AND THEN I LOST IT!!!
Daddy is impressed with how great this is!! Grrrr....
Miss Gracie had obviously spent the last 2 hours creating a masterpiece with a Sharpie marker not only on her fingers, but on my wall!!
Somehow she also managed to get blue marker all over my washroom including my nice cream coloured bath mat.
She also destroyed her bedroom. How she managed to do that so quietly, i'll never know. All of her clothes were pulled out of her drawers, all of her stuffed animals pulled off of their shelf, and every toy in her room was pulled out.
How can that much destruction be done by such a little person??
It's staying like this until SHE cleans it!!!
I yelled, I screamed. She yelled, she screamed. But really, she didn't care.
When both of us finally calmed down, I went back in to explain why it was bad and that she knew better. I told her that I was going to put a lock on her door (the jury is still out on this one) and that if she was going to act like a baby and get out of her bed at night, she'll have to go back in a crib.
Do you want to know what her response was??
"It's okay that you screamed at me mommy, it was an accident!" (not an accident what she did, an accident that I yelled at her) "But do you remember, last week I told you not to scream at me ever again, it's bad!"
Really??!! She's 3!!!

I need help with how to deal with this,, maybe some of you ladies that have "been there, done this" could give me a lesson on how to deal with a bratty 3 year old without completely losing my temper. Also, any tips to make her stay in her room (and not destroy it!) I don't want to put a lock on her door, but it's pretty tempting right now.. I would unlock it as soon as i knew she was asleep, but I don't want her thinking she can't get out if she needs to.

HELP!! Somebody please help me with this!


Lindsay said...

Oh dear!!!! When I scrolled down to see the picture of your wall my jaw dropped!! I did NOT see that coming. I must say Sarah having those pictures you will ONE DAY...not necessarily now...but one day you will laugh! I am not going to lie I would have reacted the EXACT same way... I would love to hear how others have to say because I am sure I will be in the same boat VERY shortly!!
Good luck my friend!!!

Victoria said...

OMG!! I would have FREAKED!! I honestly don't know what to tell you. My boys have had EVERYTHING taken out of their rooms, because of behaviour like this. My Middle man disassembled his dresser one night while I slept in the room across the hall. In my defence Justin was living in Ottawa, I was in Guelph and hadn't had sleep in at least 2 weeks. My oldest and my middle share a room that is covered in crayon, marker, 2 dressers that are missing drawer fronts, a ceiling that is missing a GIANT patch of stucco (because my oldest is on the top bunk and couldn't sleep one night so he picked the "bumps" off). My youngest is in a VERY PLAIN bedroom all to himself with nothing but a small dresser and a bed, HOWEVER he did one day find a stamp marker to create a pretty picture beside his bed! So I have come the realization that my kids are to have NOTHING but a bed and something to house clothes in their rooms. Once a week I rade the bedrooms with a GIANT garbage bag and throw out anything that has made it's way into the room, do a circle check on the bunk beds to make sure they still have all the screws ( add ones that are missing), and curse at the new marks on the carpet, walls, ceiling and all over their bathroom.
But as for the attitude, I am stumped! I have a 6 year old who is going on 16!! It just get worse, sorry! Good Luck with the walls, the My Clean Magic Eraser works well, trust me!

Anonymous said...

OMG...SARRRRRRRRRRRR...OMG!!! I just can't believe the wall!! Seriously they are pretty straight lines for a 3 year old! but sharpie...bad, bad sharpie marker. My only words (because I don't have any wisdom yet because I only have a 2 1/2 year old who did do the marker thing already but thank god it was washable!) is say that I believe Mrs Moose had to clean poop off of her daughter's wall one night when she wouldn't sleep!!! hang in there...and bring on the wine!

Mandy said...

Oh I've gone through this wall-marking faze! Brooke would load both hands up with different colour pencil leds and as she walked through the hallway, she would make colour waves all throughout the hall. Thank god for Fantastic and Magic Erasers!!
I came to a point where I took every colouring crayon, pencil, and marker away from her...and explained that if she wanted to act like a baby then she will be treated like a baby - because only babies mark on the walls. It didn't take long for her to get out of that.

I also went through a very long stage of Brooke not wanting to go to bed at night due to being overtired, since she wouldn't nap during the days. We would fight with the bedtime routine, read her stories as she acted out, give her goodnight kisses as she tried to smack us, walk out as she screamed to the top of her lungs, and stand outside her door with my hand on her doorknob as she fought to get out. It seriously broke my heart having to 'lock' her into her room, but it was the only way she would learn. We tried the naughty chair, giving her a tap on the hand everytime she opened the door, we tried the ignoring her technique but NOTHING worked. She needed to learn that once she's in her room and the door is closed, it's meant to stay closed - whether because it's bedtime of she's being punished for doing something very bad. It took a while to break her from it, but after months of using this technique she broke from it.

This is something my two year old Brooke wouldn't have ever thought about doing...but my three year old Brooke turned into a little monster at times. Hang in there Sarah! And just know that my soon-to-be four year old Brooke is VERY well behaved about 95% of the time. You never know what will come out of her mouth BUT she's otherwise well behaved.

It came to a point where we faught with Brooke over EVERYTHING! Eatting, brushing her teeth, using the potty, going to bed, what stories to read, how many hugs and kisses she wanted at night...I didn't think I'd last long! It took a lot of work, time, and PATIENTS but it has been worth it!

Anonymous said...

Mannnnn oh man!!! I'll be back tonight with a response to this blog as well as the 1st one. I have a story to share!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all of your comments ladies!! I definitely didn't win "mother of the year" with the way that i dealt with this incident,, in fact I probably scarred the poor angel for life. hehe.
I really have no idea how I'm going to get through the next few years with all of my sanity!!
Wish me luck!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I AM SCARED. Emma just turned three and I'm seeing these moments in glimpses...screaming at us, telling us not to talk, telling us to pick things up yourself, fighting over bed, teeth, food, jackets, socks, boots, scowling at us and other people and kids...Mother of the year doesn't live at my house either...

I will SEARCH my house for permanent markers and scissors...I'm afraid of the colouring job or hair cut that could be in our near future...


Mrs.Moose said...

Sorry Sar....but this is my turn....bahahahahahaha....
Glad you took a picture. This was my mom's response when I phoned her ready to kill my 2 1/2 year old who had painted every little bit of her room with poop....YUP SHIT!! She even shoved the diaper down the register!! While I could at least wash it off my walls, the stains are still in the carpet (even after 2 carpet cleanings).....guess it's one way for me to get harwood throughout the house. Oh did I mention Ryan was not home when she did this and I was packing for our weeks holidays.....YUP they always pick great times.
Like I said there are the terrible two's, the tryin three's....then the f*#kin fours.
I do have to say though...I agree with Heath...pretty good really not funny!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the support Mrs. Moose!!! LMAO!! The thought of you cleaning up poop that is smeared all over walls makes me laugh right back at yah!!! lol!!! My sister had the same thing happen when Kayles was younger if it makes you feel any better!!!
Everyone is commenting on how impressive Gracie's lines are,, I think I would have been less mad if it was scribbles! That would mean it was impulsive,, this was like an hour worth of her not worrying one bit about Mommy seeing it!!

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