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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mirena Experience

Before I explain my day yesterday, I wanted to let you all know that I finally got a call from Hamilton. They requested that Lylah have blood work done prior to her visit. She won't be seeing a cardiologist like I thought, she will actually be seeing a Rheumatologist/immunologist.. I've already researched the doctor, and he sounds very impressive. He founded what is now known as the McMaster Children's hospital and he also "spearheaded" the development of the Hamilton Ronald McDonald House.
I took Lylah for her blood work yesterday. The experience wasn't too bad, we had one collapsed vein, one crying mommy and a perfectly content baby. Lylah didn't shed a tear, she just sort of looked at the people like "what the hell are you doing to me?" Tomorrow's post will be more on this experience and also that of trying to get a urine sample from a 16 month old.

Now, on to the Mirena experience.. I've been debating how to fill you all in on this, so I thought I'd basically do a timeline starting Monday night around 7pm.. Sorry about the TMI,, but for those of you considering getting the Mirena, I want to help... Those who don't like Too Much Info,, stop reading here..

7pm ~ Crotch medicine x2... Within 20 minutes of "inserting" these two little pills, some very minor spotting started. Maybe a little cramping but nothing major at all..

11pm~ Took two more of those little pills but orally this time and went right to bed.. I woke up a few hours later with some more intense cramping and a lot more spotting. I needed a panty liner but nothing more. I took two Tylenol and slept the rest of the night.

7am~ Woke up feeling surprisingly good. The pharmacist and "Google", had me pretty scared.. I was thinking that I was going to be doubled over with cramps, but I basically felt like my period was on its way..
As the day went on, they got a little stronger, but again, nothing that slowed me down..

What these 4 pills did, was help to soften my cervix and dilate it just a little. Unfortunately, because I had two C sections, and never gave birth vaginally, the process is a little more difficult because my cervix was still "sealed"...

12:30pm~ Took 2 extra strength Tylenol to help with the pain of the procedure

1:15pm~ Plopped myself on the lovely table, put my feet in the stirrups, said a quick prayer and held my breath!
My doctor was great, he didn't waste any time. He walked in and said "let's get this over with".. Within 2 minutes, he had completed my pap and cultures. I literally didn't even know he did it until he said that part was done.  Just as I let myself relax a little,, he got me.. I felt a little jab and then he told me to give a "big cough". That is when I felt a pretty sharp pain.. Apparently it was the "probe"?? I didn't ask! Two seconds later, I felt what I'm going to say was probably one of the worst pains I've ever felt, it was like a sharp yet dull achy pain... I say that because there are no real words to describe it... I held my breath and waited for it to end. Literally it was probably less than 30 seconds, but it felt like minutes..
Once the pain was gone, it was gone.
The doc clapped his hands, stood up and said we were done. I was shocked. As bad as it was, it was very very quick and easy. But it was hell for those couple of minutes!!
He gave me a pad for spotting, and I was on my way. I will go back in 8 weeks to make sure everything is where it should be.
Leaving the office, I couldn't believe how great I felt. I was actually thinking to myself "what are all of these girls complaining about, that was a piece of cake!"
However, by the time I hit a store for some Advil and got home, the cramps were pretty bad. They were in my stomach and in my lower back and they were pretty intense.. Taking the Advil took the edge off but they were still enough to make me stay on the couch all night.
Honestly though, it was no worse than a really bad month of period cramps. Well,, maybe a little, but now that it's over, it doesn't seem like it was as bad. I think because I have a nasty cold, it seemed worse.
Before I went to bed, I had to take more crotch medicine. This time, it was a little estrogen pill. I have to insert one every night for 2 months. I'm not sure how i feel about this, and I know that not all doctors prescribe this, but apparently it really cuts back the cramping and spotting. I'm willing to try! It's only 2 months, right?!

I'm happy to report that when I woke up this morning, I felt 100%!! I still have some spotting, but absolutely no cramping.. I am feeling a little dizzy but I think that is probably my head cold. (I just want to put that out there in case anyone else experiences it). I don't feel at all like I had anything done.

This morning I was so excited to think that I never have to see a condom again!! I never have to worry about a missed pill, and in a few months, I won't even have to worry about buying pads and tampons!!!
So far, I am extremely pleased with this whole process/procedure and I would do it again in a heartbeat..well maybe not a heartbeat,, but I think I would do it again!! lol

The only thing I wasn't pleased with was how my husband dealt with the whole situation. This is going to be a blog topic next week. Do you want a little preview? He didn't even ask how it went, didn't ask for details, and then invited people over to our house last night!! Yep,, he's SO sensitive to my needs!!


Sadie said...

All of this sounds unpleasant! I hope you continue to feel well and everything is okay with your daughter!

Sarah said...

LOL!! It has been pretty unpleasant Sadie! I think I deserve to be called "princess" for at least a week.. As the day goes on, I'm beginning to experience some different things, so I'm sure I will be updating again through the coming weeks..
I'm hoping everything will be good with Lylah,, I just want these appointments to be done with!

Angela said...

I'm not gonna lie....I will probably NOT ever be getting this done! yikes! Glad you are feeling well and that it was overall a good experience for you. Hope you continue to feel well and thanks for the update on Lylah!

Mrs.Moose said...

Hey Sar,
Glad you heard from the Dr about Lylah and that her blood draw went well....for her....LOL...
I used to get the depo shot and with that you didn't get a period either. I was always happy about the no period too because of the awfull periods I used to get. However I am glad that I no longer use the depo shot. It has been shown to increase your chances of osteoporosis immensly. My cousin was on it for a number of years as well and had to have a bone density test, they told her it was like looking at someone 60+. Is there issues with this as well? Don't get me wrong....I am not criticizing your choice b/c I know all too well about suffering from debilitating periods that seem to last a life time.....but I can't help but side with my mom now when she was constantly on at me that it wasn't "natural" to not have a period. What is your doctors take on the risk of not having your period?

Sarah said...

Great question Amanda,, and to be honest, I don't really have a great answer for you.
I was a little worried about that as well. It just doesn't seem natural to not have a period. That being said, my hate for "that time of the month" took over.
I didn't actually ask my doctor about it, only because he seemed convinced that this was a good option for me and I trust him with my life. I also did a little "Googling" because as you all know, that is what I do! I can find arguments for both sides. Yes it's okay, no it's not healthy. I found this article though that I thought was very interesting.. check it out...

I'm sure I will have varied views on this over the next little while, so I will keep updating!!

And Angela,, it really wasn't that bad,, although if this doesn't work out, Peter will most definitely be coming face to face with the "knife"!! lol

~ *Sandra* ~ said...

Glad to hear Lylah will finally be seen, and by an amazing Doctor too!! :)
As for the Mirena experience...i'm teetering on the fence about it.

And as for your husband - I look forward to that blog topic because im sure I can relate!!!

Sarah said...

It's honestly not bad Sandra! Are you done having kids? I anticipated much worse than this...
Peter redeemed himself, but I'm still doing the post on him tomorrow.. Grrrrr..

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