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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Verdict is.....

You ladies must hate me! I told you that I would redeem myself and do another post the other day, and then I never got to it.. I apologize!!

I told you that I would tell you about my appointment at the gynecologist, so here we go!!

What I would really like to see happen!! lol
First let me say, that I love my gynecologist, he is awesome! He's always joking, being silly and just really knows how to make an awkward situation a little more comfortable.
I hadn't been to the office since my six week check up after Lylah so I didn't really know what to expect. I'd never seen him for anything unrelated to pregnancy (although I guess this kind of did) so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The nurse finally called me back and tol me to get on the scale!!!!
I said "Hey! I'm not pregnant!"
They all laughed at me and my doctor peeked his head out and said "ON THE SCALE!!". This is when he did a double take and said "ARE YOU PREGNANT?"
I said "God no!! That is why I'm here, so that we can make sure that never happens again!"
He laughed and said that Peter should be going for the SNIP SNIP then!!
I told him that I think Peter might try to squeeze one more out of me so I was there to make sure that doesn't happen..

My doctor is very pro vasectomy, so I knew that he would lecture me about that.I figure his wife must have sent him and now he wants the rest of the men in the world to suffer like he did! lol I was prepared for that though and had some arguments ready.

Once I finally got into the examination room, the nurse took by blood pressure and all that fun stuff and left me to wait.
As I sat waiting I noticed all of the "gear" for a PAP test.. including a little container with my name on it which verified the stuff was for me!! Panic set in,, I was there for a "chat" about birth control, not a physical!! Good lord!! I was trying to figure out how to talk myself out of this one!
The doc finally came in and we started chatting,, after much discussion, we decided that the Mirena IUD is the way to go..
I experience some pretty messed up, heavy cycles with a lot of pain every month, and he seems to think that this will stop all of that. He said if I had regular cycles that lasted 3-4 days, he would be telling me to get Peter fixed and not discussing anything with me!
He then said "So since we're going to do that, I'll save you getting naked twice.. you can just get naked the once when we insert it and save you from that.. We'll do everything all at once." lol
My response? "Gee thanks!"
He said "I don't understand why all of you girls are so uncomfortable getting naked in front of me? I've seen you naked! I've seen half of Guelph naked!"
I had to laugh! I know some girls would not be happy with him talking like that, but he cracks me up! It's so true. I laid on an operating table completely naked (50lbs heavier) twice in front of him and now I'm being shy about him seeing me from the waist down. I'm sure he doesn't even blink at a naked girl!!

So,,,, long story short, Tomorrow is the day! 1:15pm I'll be laying half naked in front of my doc having an IUD inserted.. I have to take pills tonight, and my crotch has to take pills tonight. Lovely eh? He says that I'll be pretty crampy but to take Tylenol. I guess these pills will start to open my cervix overnight..I know Lovely!!
I think that Peter is feeling pretty guilty about me having to go through all of this. His response when I told him everything "Wow,, it sounds like it might be easier for me to go!"
You think??
It probably would, but then I would still be left with really horrible periods every month, I'm hoping that within a couple of months I won't even have one. That alone is worth it to me.
I've heard a lot of horror stories on the Mirena, but I've also heard a lot of great stories, so I guess we'll see.. If it doesn't work, I'll have it taken out, and Peter will be going!!

I may not check in tomorrow, depending on how this all goes, but I will definitely be back on Wed. to let you know how this whole experience went...
Wish me luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

good luck, girl!!! im sure all will be well!! lots of friends hv had great experiences on it. I totally hear you on the getting naked thing!! Soooo not looking forward to that! Wasnt it supposed to be "no big deal" after we had kids!? Not the case!!

~ *Sandra* ~ said...

Good luck!! Definitely post and let us know how its going - i'm all for no-pain-periods!!! WOOO!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Ladies, I will be sure to let you know! I'm terrified, I won't lie, but very excited to get something done.. I've already got some cramping from the "crotch pills" but I just keep telling myself that it will make the procedure less painful.. Wish me luck!!

Mandy said...

Sooo glad you blogged this.
I also went to see my Gyno today and I will be getting the Mirena as well. Can't wait to hear about your experience, since I have no idea what I'm in for.

All the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

waiting to hear how you made out <3

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