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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Schedule

After this weekend, I decided that I need a new program.
A new program/plan/routine/schedule (WHATEVER) for the thing that I hate most... CLEANING.

I think I'm finally past the denial stage.. I'm admitting that I have a problem! That my program really isn't working for me and something needs to change..
There is nothing worse than knowing that people are coming over and feeling like you have to run through your entire house to clean before they get there! I do that once a week! Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to say "okay, see you in 10 minutes!" ?? Doesn't happen!!

I'm not a clean freak. I never have been, I never will be. I like things tidy and clean, but i'm far from obsessive over it.. I think I need to be though.
I do a really great job at keeping my main floor clean and tidy (just don't open any drawers, cupboards or closets) My problem is really the upstairs. The place that I know not everyone sees.
It's so easy to just throw things upstairs and shut the door..
This is wear I need help!!!
It's usually clothes (both ours and the girl's). I throw them in my room or on the girl's dressers and tell myself that I will put them away later. I never do.
That neatly folded pile of clean clothes quickly turns into a heap of wrinkled clothes on the floor. Or it turns in to a pile of clean and dirty clothes that I don't know which are which. Hence the reason I always have about 5 loads of laundry to do..

Then there is dusting..really, does anyone like dusting??  That's all I'm even going to say about this subject because I hate it THAT much.. Give me 5 toilets to clean and I would do it smiling if it meant that I didn't have to dust.

And what about appliances?? I would like to know how in the hell a dishwasher or a microwave, even a fridge can get so friggin dirty on the OUTSIDE??!! I realize its usually just fingerprints but come on!!! Every time I turn around there are finger and hand prints all over everything. I shouldn't have to be Windexing 10 times a day. Stainless steel is the worst. My microwave is stainless and every time I look at it, I can see my husbands greasy paw prints all over it.. It makes my skin boil..
The rest of our appliances are black, and they're bad too. I didn't think they would be, but they show every little mark and fingerprint... The dishwasher is the worst. I think because the girls can see themselves in it, they are constantly touching and kissing it.

Speaking of dishwasher,, I also hate dishes! Why once you have kids does there need to be so many dishes?? At all times I have a dishwasher full of either clean or dirty dishes as well as dirty dishes in the sink. I hate emptying the dishwasher.. Actually, once I do it, it's not that bad, it's more the thought of emptying the dishwasher. Sometimes I will actually fill the sink and do the dishes all because I don't want to empty the dishwasher and refill it..... lol...

Then there are the little things like the walls, door knobs, baseboards, the legs of the tables and chairs. Cleaning under the couch.. Seriously!!! How do these little monsters manage to make such a mess in all of these places??? I have found milk and juice spills in places that you would never believe! And how does JAM get on my walls??

Keeping on top of all of these things is not working out for me.. and I hate feeling completely overwhelmed by it all.. It feels like the only thing that I do every day is clean, laundry and stress about the cleaning and laundry. I lose sleep over it at night!! Laying there thinking about everything that needs done and everything that I DIDN'T get done today. (everyday)
This says April but I'm going to try it this month!!
I've decided that I'm going to make myself some sort of schedule.
Some sort of daily cleaning routine. Say like Monday = Bathrooms (I have 4 so thats all I'm doing that day)
Tuesday= dusting, wiping, and glass.... you get my point right??
I'm thinking if I do that and even stick it on my fridge, I'll always know where I'm at and hopefully be able to get on top of things.
I found this website that gave me some ideas, and I might even try to follow their calender for a little while. Check it out, it's pretty neat. They breakdown daily/weekly/monthly chores.. Let me know if you try it.

I'm also wondering if anyone have any other suggestions for me? What do you do to keep yourself from being completely overwhelmed by it all??
I'm open to any suggestions or ideas... lord knows I need them!!!


Angela said...

A cleaning schedule....what's that?? I don't get how just because we got married and had children that it somehow makes us maids and housekeepers as well?? I don't like cleaning either!!!!.....I used to be OK at it- before the baby came along! But now.....I think about the only time I clean is when I know someone is coming over! You are not alone!!! I don't even have a dishwasher.....just never ending piles of dishes to complain about!! Plus, a huge mirrored wall in our dining room/hallway that I think is more fingerprints than it is mirror at this point!! I look at things, and I just have to shrug my shoulders.....if I were to clean that entire would just end up back looking like that again in 10 minutes!! I would much rather sit down and complain about it on your blog!! LOL! Some things you just have to let go.....but maybe a schedule is a good idea. I tend to be very good at procrastinating about things - but I do get overwhelmed by it too. I like things to be neat and tidy, I just don't like doing it! I've told my husband that once I go back to work it is probably only going to get worse!!! I have one idea, let's all HIRE a maid!! LOL!

Sadie said...

I actually laughed out loud because we have battling this problem since the day after my oldest daughter was born....almost 6 years ago. If you find a magic solution let me know.....or better yet just come clean my house! lol

Anonymous said...

Did you read my mind again??! No, really! How do you do this??!!! lol
My house (upstairs is a nightmare) is a disaster zone it seems. Just last night I actually said to Lucas, while laying in bed (which Im sure he enjoyed!), that "today;s the day!" Meaning, tomorrow, which is now today....the day that I will put away ALL of the laundry thats been piling up. Im like, I cant handle looking at it one more day. He seemed relieved and of course, that made me feel bad...but also got me kind of's like, ummmm....u know where the stuff goes, right>?????!!! WHy cant you help!!??? Do your husbands put their own laundry away after you BRING IT DOWN, WASH & DRY, FOLD AND CARRY IT BACK UP???? Cuz mine doesnt!!!!

"Unorganized in Rockwood"...that's my new name!!! AKA, "Kel" :)!

Sarah said...

@unorganized in Rockwood (lmfao),,, I decided last night that from this day forward, Peter will be putting away his own CLEAN AND FOLDED laundry... That is after he finds room for it.. Maybe if he has to put it away, he'll be forced to get rid of the clothes that he hasn't warn in 5 years and that take over our bedroom closet and dresser drawers!!! GRRRR
Without laundry, my life would be almost stress free!!!!

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