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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Kate from Kate takes 5, took a break from her weekly top 5 this week. She handed it over to The Reluctant Housedad.

Again, this week, I wasn't going to participate. Not because the subject was difficult to find a top 5 for, but because I didn't want to think about it.  I battled my fear however and have my 5 items.

The subject was inspired by the recent "RAPTURE/JUDGMENT DAY".. You know the one that of course never happened..  (the one that I didn't even know was supposed to happen! See, I really do live in a hole with these children!)
So, apparently we're supposed to think of the final things we would do/see/eat/wear/visit.... etc...
There would be so many final things to do before the end of the world, so to pick 5 was tough..
Let me state that this list would have been very, very different before children!

My 5 FINALS.......

FINAL DESTINATON: It's great to say that I'd be on a beach somewhere under a palm tree, drink in hand, but when I really think about where I would want to be?? HOME! The place that my husband and I feel safe, the place my children feel safe, the house that together we've turned into a home, and the place that holds all of our memories. I think if I was anywhere else, I would just want to go home..

FINAL MEAL: I'd make Macaroni and Hot Dogs for the girls and Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice for Peter and I.
Again, having some fancy meal just wouldn't be "us". If I knew that I was having my FINAL meal with my family, we'd all be having our comfort foods.. and WINE!!! LOTS OF WINE!! (chocolate milk for the girls)

FINAL SONG: My girls love to sing and they love to dance... They especially love Johnny Reid... It would only be fitting to play his album.. The final song that we would listen to would be "Thank you".... (click to watch)

If I only had, two words left to say to you.
With my last breath I'd come face the truth to you.
You've never left my side, even when I fell behind.
Thank-you for the life you've given me.
Thank-you for sharing all your love and your dreams.
Thank-you for every tear of happiness I've cried.
Thank-you for laying down *beside me here tonight.

FINAL ACTIVITY: I think that I would try to keep our evening the same as it is every night. We would do all of the things that we normally would. I'd give the girls a bubble bath. But.. we'd have extra bubbles and splashing would be allowed.. We'd sing one (maybe two) extra songs before getting out..
We'd get out and I'd brush their hair, paying extra attention to how great it smells, and we'd put on their favourite pajamas.I'd tickle them, just to be able to hear those belly laughs. The belly laughs that can put a smile on my face even if it is the end of the world. We'd then sit on the couch as a family and read as many "bedtime" stories as the girls wanted.. It wouldn't matter if we read that one 100 times already, it would be their choice. Daddy and I would cuddle them until they fell asleep in our arms! We would grab each others hand, smile, have our last kiss. I would lay my head on his shoulder like I always do and we'd cry. We'd share our thoughts...

FINAL THOUGHTS: "How did we get so lucky? What did I do to deserve such an absolutely gorgeous family? Why can't I have just one more day with them? Why did I worry so much about the little things? Why did I get upset over spilled milk and broken crayons? Why didn't I tell people that I loved them more? Why didn't I play in the rain and jump in puddles with the girls? I wonder if they know how much I love them? Was I a good enough mom? Could I have been a better wife? Why did't I cuddle with Peter more? Will we remember how happy we were?
Thank God (or whoever) for this night.. We're so lucky that we're all going (to the next place) together and that none of us will be left behind. Thank god that my children will never have to experience illness or life without me. Thank god that we're all going together.. (yes, I'd think that again!)
I am so excited to see my loved ones again... I wonder what it will be like.......
I'll love you Forever and a Day my babies... to the moon and back, and back again..

Pretty depressing isn't it?? I know that a lot of people had fun with this instead of being serious. That is fine, I really wanted to put thought into it. Once I got over the fear of thinking about it, it was easy.
It was an amazingly peaceful task for me to complete.. Sure it's scary to think about and no one wants to go there, but wouldn't we be lucky to be able to plan out all of our "finals"? To make sure that everything was exactly the way that it should be? Especially for our children!

So, while you hop over to the Reluctant Housedad's site to check out everyone else's FIVE FINALS, I'm going to wipe my tears, pour a (LARGE) glass of wine and tell my girls how much I love them. I'm going to smell their hair too!!!

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Anonymous said...

k I am freakin bawling.. First Thank YOu is a very special song in my family and means so much to me.. That made me cry first!

second the thoughts were so touching and I think well written.. I Love your 5.
Hugs and thanks for the smile/cry oh and p.s are freakin kidding last night I would skip bath cuss I LOATH it ah ha.. 2 nights this weekend no bath time.. which = kids no baths till mom comes home ha ha

Reluctant Housedad said...

Whoa. Wasn't expecting that. No wonder you said you were quite emotional. What a beautiful, powerful, poignant testament to how much you love your family. So warm and touching and tenderly written. Thanks for overcoming the urge not to participate. I'm so glad you did.

Sarah said...

Nic, Sorry about that girl! My intent wasn't to make people cry, just to show the real me!
I don't like bath time either,,but the girls love it so that is why I would be sure to do it for them.
R.HD~ I didn't want to be silly with something that has the potential to be so serious!! Not that I don't agree with the way anyone else did theirs,(I had a lot of laughs reading other's) This was just the way I wanted to do mine. Thanks so much for sharing such a great topic idea, and thanks for stopping in to read!!

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