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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five Meme

Okay!! So, I've decided to get brave and try something new.

You all know that every Friday, I write about 5  things that I learned during the week. I always want to hear what everyone else's top 5 would be and never do...
I've decided to turn my Friday 5 into what I think bloggers call a "MEME"...

Every Friday, I will continue to do my FRIDAY FIVE. However, now (for all of you bloggers) I want to read your Friday Five... You don't have to do it on Friday. It can be anytime between Friday and Sunday.
It's simple really,  just write your "5 things I've learned list, post it on your blog and then come back here and add your details to the linky below my post. Please also remember to link back to me in your post so that your readers know where they can come to take part!
I can't wait to read all of your "life lessons" every week.

Now lets get this thing rolling!! Start thinking about what you've learned this week and get linking!!
Also, for all of my readers that aren't bloggers, I want to read your 5 lessons as well. You are more than welcome to leave your list in the comment section!

My Friday Five is posted just below this post, and the linky should be all set up!! It's my first time attempting this so hopefully everything runs smoothly!!

****UPDATE!!!!**** I've added the linky gadget to this post for my Friday Five. Please add your link here!! Thanks!

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Sadie said...

Hey Sarah -

Although my Friday Five is different do you mind if I link it in? I love what you are doing with your Friday Five. Who know's maybe my will morph to something more like yours!

Sadie from The Tightrope Walk

Sarah said...

Sadie!! For sure link in! You were the person that inspired me with this in the first place!! I think it will be really neat to see the direction that everyone runs with this.. No one has to keep the same form as me at all!! Thanks for joining in,, now get linking!!

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