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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Five

Blogger has been having some MAJOR issues for the past day in a bit, and I'm not very happy that my post from yesterday has completely disappeared.
"They" are saying that it will be back up soon, so my fingers are crossed..

In the meantime, we'll move on to my Friday Five.. Hopefully Thursdays post will magically appear in no time!!

5 Things that I've learned this week......

1. Not to ask people how they're doing unless I am 100% prepared for whatever answer may come my way.
(I don't know why I always expect people to say "Great".......)

2. Pulling a wagon with 50+ pounds is a fabulous core workout. (ouch)

3. Date night will never be like it used to be! :(

4. A typically yummy bottle of Merlot can be easily ruined by something called secondary fermentation... (I had no idea what this was until last night,, my wine tasted carbonated)

5. Bribery doesn't always work with a 3 year old!! When did she get so smart anyway??

Have a great weekend ladies!!!


Amy said...

LOL! #5 makes me laugh!

Sarah said...

Ha! Thanks Amy... She's getting way to smart for me. I promised to take her to the park after school the other day. When I picked her up, it was raining and she still wanted to go.. I tried McDonalds, the dollar store, Walmart.. nothing worked. I was a very bad mommy for not keeping my promise!

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