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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five

This week was tough.. It really has been a crummy week for me.
I've had cranky girls, period cramps, achy joints and headaches. Throw a whole lot of rain in there, you've got one grumpy mommy!!
It's Thursday night and all day, I've been panicking about tomorrows (now) today's post.. I really don't know if I learned anything valuable this week.. let's see how I do..

1. "MOLSON GIRLS" aren't that HOT! 
Not all beer girls look like this!!! Don't be fooled!
The beer girls that most women hear about and cringe,, apparently aren't all that hot! Peter said that the two at his golf tournament today were.... well lets just say, "hairy and/or pregnant looking".

2. The way that you appear to others may be very different than the way you appear to yourself.
Mondays post will cover this subject.

3. There is a whole Friggin crazy world of crazy blogging mommies just like me!!
This is a very scary realization!! lol

4. I might use the word Friggin a little bit too much??
My sister pointed out that my children are soon going to be saying the word!!! Oops!! In my defense,, I can think of worse things that they could say!

5. A bottle of Merlot makes it much easier to think about and  realize what you've learned in a week!!
'nough said!!

Have a great weekend ladies.. I have my weekend favourite all ready for you,, make sure you check back Saturday and Sunday this week as I have two favourites!!

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Teacher Mum said...

Share some of that merlot please!

Anonymous said...

hairy prego beer girls.. makes me feel better about myself :) ha ha love it.. silly blogger still givin me the gears sorry about the anonymous.. its me Nic

Sarah said...

I would definitely share if you guys were here. Unfortunately now, there is none left! Sorry! lol
Nic, those were my thoughts exactly when Peter was telling me about the beer girls with a look of disgust on his face! lol

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandy said...

hmmm you certainly got me thinking long and hard about this!

These are some things that I have come to realization with before this week, but they have really shown their true colours recently.

- At the end of the day, you can't fully depend on/trust anyone but yourself.

- Family isn't always picture perfect and there for you when you need them most.

- Our country has fought for and won the right of freedom of speech, but sometimes freedom of speech causes more trouble than what it's actually worth.

- Past experience has really shaped me into the woman/mother I am today.

- Days, months, and years go by far too quickly. My babies arn't babies anymore, infact my first baby will be starting school in September. Life is just too damn short!

TerinAleah said...

I use the word "freaking" too much... and my kids do use it too! LOL! Oops!!

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