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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye Baby Fat and Sadness!!

I'm sure that by now, you've all noticed some ads lingering around on the site..
I've had a lot of fun going through and choosing which ones I'd like to appear. I'm trying to pick some that I think all of you will have some interest in, and of course that look nice.

I won't be focusing too much attention on any of them, but I did want to address one of the ads that you'll find to the right of this post... I want to talk about it only because I feel so strongly about the product and want to share it with as many people as I possibly can. The product is called Isagenix.. Isagenix is a nutritional cleanse program, but to me, it's more like a miracle. It's something that has changed my life. 
I am going to share my story with you and then I won't mention it again. The advertisement will stay on my page and you will be able to click it at any time.

Here we go....

When Gracie was born, I lost the 26lbs that I had gained, plus some within weeks of having her. I left the hospital in my pre pregnancy pants and probably only had another 10 to lose. I was so happy! (I never lost those extra 10 by the way~)

When the time came to have Lylah, I "ASS"umed that my weight loss would be as easy. I was already up around 10lbs when I got pregnant with her, and then I gained another 26 while pregnant.
This time was completely different. I left the hospital weighing more than I did when I arrived for my C-section.. How is that possible when I lost over 6lbs of baby, alone??!

Once home, and realizing that my weight wasn't budging, I let myself fall into a really rotten slump. I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere. Heck, I didn't even want to get out of bed most mornings.. It literally took everything in me just to open my eyes.
Once up, I would feed the girls and change them and then plop my fat butt on the couch. This is where I would stay for the majority of the day. (about an hour before Peter was due home, I would do a really quick cleanup and vacuum of the house so that he didnt' know I did NOTHING all day..OK, I still do that some days.. hehe) I drank coffee and Gingerale. Mostly coffee though.
Very rarely did I eat. Even though I was doing nothing, there just didn't seem like there was time to feed myself. So what did I do?? Grab a handful of chips or cookies whenever I walked by them throughout the day, and then pig out (like really pig out) at dinner.

Obviously my weight wasn't changing. My mood was! It was getting worse.. I was sinking deeper and deeper..  
I didn't want my friends to see me, so  I didn't go out.. I didn't want Peter to look at me, or touch me because I thought he would be disgusted.. 
**Peter has always been big into the gym and working out, and he's always looked damn good. I convinced myself that he thought I was revolting. These were the thoughts that haunted me more than anything. **
If we went out anywhere, I was sure that girls/women were looking at us wondering why the heck he was with me. (I'm sure some still do, but it's okay now, because *I* know ((wink wink)))

I'm fully aware of how unhealthy this was, but at the time, it was the "norm" and there was nothing that I could do to change it.

Finally in March of 2010 (4 months after Lylah was born) I decided that enough was enough. No more excuses, no more beating myself up. I debated seeing a doctor and even considered anti depressants. I knew that I didn't want to feel this way any more. 
Instead, I decided to try a product that some of my family members were having AMAZING results with. (if that didn't do the trick, I would see a doctor)

Within a week of reaching my breaking point, I had started the Isagenix program. I was still breastfeeding at the time, so I started with shakes and bars only. I stopped breastfeeding (for various reasons) about a month later and got on the full program.

**A quick run down of the program: 2 shakes a day + 1 (400-600 calorie) meal. 
You have healthy snacks between your shakes and drink lots of water. 1 day a week, you have a cleanse day. You drink the cleanse juice 4 times throughout the day, along with lots of water. This sounds harder than it is. If you get really desperate on Cleanse days, you can nibble on some veggies. After your cleanse day, you  feel great, and soon realize that it's totally worth it. The cleanse days get easier and easier..**

Within 4 months on the program, I had lost close to 40lbs. That was great yes, but the weight was just a bonus in comparison to the other results that was getting. I had so much energy.. I was bouncing out of bed in the morning and waking up BEFORE the girls. I wanted to do things, and see people, and I was excited for my hubby to be touching me again (YAY!)... I was excited about life again and felt like I could conquer the world. These were feeling that were so foreign to me. Actually, I don't know if I had ever felt them before.If I had, it was a very long time ago. 

This is why I share my story.
I "sat silently", suffering alone for so long. For too long! 
If I can help even one person out there who is going through something similar to what I did, If I can help them get their life back, then sharing my story is worth it!!

I am still on the program as a maintenance for what I have achieved. Peter also started with the product after seeing my results and he says he feels better than he has in years... 
I don't think there is much more that I can say, except that Isagenix literally saved me. It is an amazing company with an even more amazing support team.
The company has a variety of products including skin care, vitamins (for kids too!), supplements and snacks. They have many packs and systems to fit into everyones lifestyles.

Please don't hesitate checking the company out by clicking the "Learn More about Isagenix" button to the right. If you have any further questions or inquiries please EMAIL MY SISTER . She is a nutritional cleanse coach and would love to assist you.. 

Have an awesome day ladies.

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The Home C.E.O. said...

oh my god i totally want to try it now

Amy said...

Sounds like something I might have to do after this baby to lose the weight to become a surrogate! Thanks!

Sarah said...

It honestly is the best thing I've ever found guys! The weight fell off and I feel better than I ever have.. Just such an amazing company!
Amy, are you really doing the surrogacy thing??

Melanie said...

What an amazing story! Definitely a "crowning moment" for you and everybody you are sharing this with.

Thank you so much for joining my hop!

I'm off to check out the Isagenix button!☺

Joyce Lansky said...

I never did understand how one can deliver a seven pound baby complete with placenta and fluids yet not even lose seven pounds. Go figure.


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