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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He's THAT Dad!!!

So, we all know about "THOSE" moms, right??!
The perfect moms, that are always doing fun things with their kids. The ones that can do no wrong and really make us "regular" moms look bad??

Have you ever given any thought to "THOSE" Dads???
I never have. Until last night.. When my husband got home from work last night,  I thought to myself, "oh my god, he's THAT Dad!"

I'll start from the beginning...
While I tried to steal an extra 10 minutes of sleep yesterday morning, Gracie turned on Max and Ruby. (I kind of like Max and Ruby, but I still do wonder where their parents are?) Anyway, at some point during the show Max must have had a Candy Apple. I was awoken by Gracie hitting me saying "Mommy! Mommy! Can I have a Candy Apple?"
I told her that I didn't know where I would get a candy apple, but that I would try.

Her response?? "Daddy will find me one!"
Apparently Daddy is The Man!

So, when Daddy called, I told him while laughing, that he was expected to come home with a candy apple. I told him her exact words. I have to admit, Peter usually does a great job finding whatever it is the princess wants, but I figured this might stump him. 
There was no way that I was going to tell him I knew where to find them (hehehe) so,
I ended the conversation with "Good luck Daddy!"

Gracie asked about the Candy Apple about 100 more times throughout the day and I kept telling her that we'd find one eventually...
Fast Forward to 6pm ~ Daddy walks in the door all smiles. Gracie runs over and says "Daddy, did you get my candy apple?"
Daddy says "I did better Gracie, I got all of the stuff to make our own candy apples!"

REALLY??!! REALLY??!?!! What made him think of that, and why does he even want to do that??
Gracie's face was pricless. She was so excited.
Daddy went to the trouble of finding a recipe online, going to the grocery store, (after a long day at work) buying all of the stuff and and then came home and made them with her..
I have to admit it was pretty cute sitting watching them do it together.
As I watched, it struck me that my husband is "THAT DAD!" Not only does he make other dads look bad, he makes his own wife look bad.

The candy apple thing isn't the first or only thing he's done to earn this status. Nope! Here is a list of things that makes my husband "THAT DAD" or in Gracie's eyes SUPER DADDY!

1. He makes candy apples with her rather than simply buying one (most would buy)
2. He bakes bread with and for her.. Yep, bread! Banana Bread, Whole Wheat, Rosemary Garlic.....(how many dads bake, honestly?!)
3. He bought her a paint brush of her very own so that every time he paints, she can too. If he paints the wall, she paints the wall. If he paints a cabinet, she paints the cabinet too (who has patience like that?)
4. He gives her her very own Hammer to help him while he's building the shed.. She trots around banging that hammer and really believes shes playing a huge part in the construction of that shed (most would think their kid was just in the way)
5.When he cooks dinner, she's allowed to stand on a chair and help with everything he does. She gets to stir, measure, pour. (again, patience?!!!)
6. He takes her to the park, with the dog. He deals with "Park Mommies" just to make her happy. (Sorry, but I can't do Park Mommies)
7. Wherever he goes on Saturday, she goes. In the truck. To Home Depot, to the dump, wherever it may be, and he gets her the "fun" carts every time. (I usually say no because they're harder to push)
8. He enjoys each and every one of these things while he does them!

Do you see?? He's "THAT" Dad! He really is!
I wonder if other dads hate him as much as we hate "THOSE" moms?? I bet they do!

I wish I could be more like him, but I it's hard when I'm the one who is home and with the girls all of the time. (Therefore, no patience, EVER!)
I think it's easy for him because he is just so excited to be home and to be with them. It's probably just as much fun for him as it is them.. (At least this is what I keep telling myself, and I have noticed though that he has less patience on weekends!)

I tease him and say that he makes me look bad.. And maybe I am JUST a little bit jealous that he's so good with the girls.
What I would never tell him though, is that he's damn sexy while he's doing it!!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for a great post! I love it when my husband finds something for one of his babies, so sweet. I am very happy with my role as bad guy, I'm good at it too! Lol! It is MUCH harder to be the one home, everyday, doing all the day to day stuff, like hearing about candy apples 100 times in one day! I heard about marshmallows yesterday for my youngest who was home sick and saw a show where they went on a camp out. I thought I was great that I fashoned a tent out of a table and bedspread!! I have always wondered where the heck Max and Ruby's parents are!! Lol! Happy Tuesday!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kathy! I think that I'm pretty good at being the bad guy too, but when my husband gets all the love, sometimes I wish I could play his role for just a day!! It's so funny that you say that about Marshmallows because just after I read your comment, Gracie started asking for them.. They were on Toopy and Binoo!!! I guess they're going on daddy's shopping list for tonight! Happy Tuesday to you, thank goodness it's better than yesterday!!

Amy said...

My dad used to be like that :) He'd bake and take us to the park, he'd ride bikes with us, drive us through the mountains just to drive, and play endless games with us. He was a really good dad growing up.

Victoria said...


Sarah said...

Amy, you're so lucky to have those memories! I hope that the girls remember all of these times with Peter..
@ Vicki~ Thanks!!

Shell said...

I never thought about those dads- I think my husband would just say "yeah, whatever"- men aren't as competitive!

Sarah said...

LOL Shell,, I think my hubby would say the same too. However, if I was to point out something amazing another daddy was doing,, that might get him "hating THAT DAD"..but he would never notice on his own
You're right though, it probably goes back to women hating women because they have "that husband"!!!

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

I am pretty sure your husband is 'that dad' because you do everything else so he can actually do the fun stuff! However it's so nice to see that he treats your daughter so nicely and shows her how worth it she is by going to such effort.

I wrote a blog post along similar lines titled 'all I want for mother's day is a wife'. If we all had a wife, can you imagine how great it would be?

Anonymous said...

AAAAMazING! You, my friend, are one lucky lady!!! <3

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

I almost spit my coffee out when you said Park Mommies oh my god soo funny!
I too am subjected to "that Dad" in my house. I am on mat leave right now with our second and I feel like when I am working I turn into that mom way more then when i am home all day and dream of a quiet moment so much that I lock myself in the garage.. still would rather be married to that dad then the other kid of dad...

Sarah said...

Thanks @ Gemma. You are totally right!
LOL@ therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty~I really don't do park mommies! They drive me nuts. I think my kids hate me because they never get to go to the park. If I do take them it's to a park that I know won't be busy and during noon hour just to be extra sure!!
I dream of those quiet moments as well!! I don't see them happening anytime soon!!

Lindsay said...

I agree Sarah....Peter is one of a kind!!! It is so sweet to see how much he loves his is truly GENUINE!! Most Dad's would buy that candy apple! Although my Dad did not bake anything with me...I have a lot of memories like that with him.
I must say ....I am a little jealous of Peter...cause I don't do half the things he does!!!

TerinAleah said...

Um, can you send him over to train my hubby?! LOL!

Sarah said...

Lol,,, maybe I should get him to start his own blog for daddies!!! A weekly column maybe!! ha!

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