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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I couldn't live without...

It's that time again! Top 5 list! This week the subject is The top 5 products we couldn't live without. This one was tricky. Only because it's hard to narrow it down to ONLY five!
Here we go....

Since the age of 5, I've lost (yup, they disappear) my eyelashes. Without my eyeliner, I look like a complete freak!

I've tried them all. Grannie undies, bikini fit, boy short.... I hate them all! Give me my thongs!

How else would I talk to you lovely ladies every day?

Nothing makes me happier than looking through pictures of my family. Seeing the girls grow through the pictures that I've taken is something no one could ever replace.

That could be considered a product, right??! So, maybe I COULD live without it,, but really, would I want to?? Nope,, I need it want it after a long week.

So,, what products could you not live without?

Check out what other people have on their Top 5 List over at Kate Takes 5!

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Michelloui | The American Resident said...

LOVE this list--and yes, thongs rule!! Goodbye VPL. I also need the eyeliner. A make up artist once said the most essential element in a woman's make up bag is her mascara. Nope. I find eyeliner is the number one. then mascara. And tweezers. Anyway. Laptop and camera? Definitely agree.Alcohol? I don't have a lot but when I do it's because I am really really in the mood for it. So yes, I agree again!

Just found you through Kate Takes 5, enjoying your blog! Im a new follower.

Kate said...

No eyelashes..well at least you can invest in an expensive eyeliner seeing as you don't have to buy mascara too! Liking all your lists entries, thanks for joining in. x

RP said...

Like your list, phone and alcohol are on mine as well but agree about the laptop and camera, although I think I might just get by wthout those if I had my phone as it does the pictures and the internet.

Victoria said...

My 5 would have to be, Yoga Pants - I LIVE in mine day and night (I am a scrub I know!), My laptop - same reasons!, MY COFFEE - with 3 horrible sleepers I NEED IT, My Veg Garden - I spend all winter dreaming of ways to plant it, what will go in it,ect. and last but the most important my Family - this is including my boys, my hubby, my parents, my sister & brother in law and my parents in law, without these people I would be so lost! So that is my top 5!

Sarah said...

Thanks Ladies! Michelloui, I definitely think that eyeliner (obviously) would beat out Mascara!! I really don't know if I could live without it..thanks for joining in!
Kate, these lists are so much fun and I love when others join in!!!
RP, very good point about the phone! If my hubby would get me one, I would know what that was all about!!lol
Victoria, you cheated a bit,, Family isn't a product,, or it would have been on my list,, along with Sex, and sleep, lol,,, but I'll let you away with it! Yoga pants are a must as well!

Victoria said...

LOL, Sorry Sarah! BLONDE MOMENT! The bleach has seeped into my brains! K then my # 5 would be my non existant iphone! LOL! I imagine about it all the time, that product I would LOVE to have, but just lack the funds, is that better?? LOL!

Sarah said...

That's better Vicki :)~!!!
Aww,,, thanks Lexi Lane!! We have fun over here! I'm glad you popped by and like it, and I love your list! I think that I would have all of those same items on mine however I think that I could live without a diaper bag! I HATE diaper bags!!lol
Will pop over to voiceBoks very soon!!
Thanks again!

Babymama said...

Happy Monday!

Following along from the Ontario mommy bloggers group on bloggy moms.

My list would look strikingly similiar to yours with the addition of coffee. And lots of it.


Our Little Bubble said...

Hey, saw you on BloggyMom's... welcome! cute blog you've got here! I love a fun blog. My list would go: laptop OR iPad, face powder, lip gloss, pony tail holder, and I too like a good beverage after a long week!! :)

Sarah said...

Hey Christa!! Thanks for joining!!! I'm glad you found me and I love your list as well!!!
On my way to check out your blog!

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