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Thursday, May 5, 2011

It could go so wrong........

So, only 3 days until we either have the best husbands in the world, or... we think they're complete idiots!!!


First off, I want to tell all of you first time mommies to make sure you remind your husbands that you are in fact a mom now and that you deserve something special for Mothers Day.
I was lucky, but I have talked to many women who had a major let down on their first Mothers Day. Their husbands didn't do anything special for them.. They typical explanation from these men??  "Well you're not MY mother!!" lol... IDIOTS!!
Again, this is the mind of a man, so do yourself a favour and make it known that you expect a little something.

I don't know about all of you, but I don't expect a whole lot.. The last thing I want is Peter running out and spending a bunch of money on something "just because he has to".
For me, it's more about the gestures, the thought, and the recognition that it is in fact Mothers Day.
It's almost too bad that we couldn't sit back and plan and organize our own day and then sit back and watch it play out.
This is what my perfect Mother's Day would look like..

Breakfast in bed, followed by a(nother) coffee and Baileys, followed by a gift giving moment from the girls. The gifts would be something that they secretly made WITH daddy when mommy wasn't looking. Daddy would then tell me to go back to sleep all while he gets the girls fed, bathed and dressed for the day. He would entertain them while I had a shower BY MYSELF. While I am showering, he would be packing up the diaper bag and everything we need to go for a nice long walk.
After our walk he would drive straight to my favourite restaurant for lunch and then we would all come home for a family nap. I would wake up from my nap to the smell of butter chicken and a glass of Merlot being waved beneath my nose..
Dessert would be the remaining Merlot and a bubble bath. The night would end with me reading my girls a story and tucking them in with kisses and hugs and no screaming and crying. To top it off I would fall asleep in my hubby's arms while he tells me what an amazing wife and mother I am!!!!!!

WHAT?!! It's fun to dream, isn't it?? My husbands Father's day will look close to that, so why can't my day be the same?
I know that I am dreaming, so instead I have put it "out there" that I would really like to go out for breakfast with the girls and Peter. We got to my parents for dinner every year so I know that is what will happen in the afternoon. I will just request that he drive home from there so that I can still enjoy that Merlot.

For the first time in a long time, I have also requested a gift. I really want an exercise ball. I feel guilty spending the money on myself, so I figure this is a good excuse.
At least I've asked for it.. I can't imagine what would happen if this is what I was given had  I not asked for it.. lol
I've had some pretty bad gifts in the past, but he's never been stupid enough to get me exercise equipment!!

Gracie has asked Daddy to take her to the Dollar store so that she can pick something out for me. (She loves the dollar store just like her mommy!) I am so excited to see what she picks out for me, and so proud that at 3, this is something she wants to do.

What are all of you ladies expecting or hoping for this Mother's day? What would your ideal day be?
I would also love to hear the worst gift your hubby has ever given you! I will start, by telling you the worst gift Peter ever got. Those of you that know me are probably already laughing..... Worst gift ever (for my birthday)????? A memory card for my camera!! YUP!! I think the year before was a gift certificate for the liquor store!!! Bahahahahaha... I can laugh now but I didn't back then!!!! Can you top that???


Mrs.Moose said...

All I know is I was going to make damn sure myself or my mother weren't I made my own mother's day reservations! When I did this it was already only two weeks before Mother's day. I tell Ryan what I did and he says " I was going to take you and the kids out that day." .....and where does he think we would get in without a reservation????? Thanks for tryin though babe.......

~ *Sandra* ~ said...

It's funny you asked for an exercise ball, because (Sarah, you'll like this) I asked for the 30day cleanse!!! LOL!! I figure its for only me, its something I want, and its not exercise equipment!
I actually asked for the stroller we just got as my mother's day gift (Originally) but I also want the cleanse as well as a Sleep in Day and Breakfast made for me (French Toast please!!)

I don't think we're asking too much. For my first mother's day I think he's getting a good deal! For Father's Day I plan to do something nice... its only fair!
Our running joke in our house is that hubbys birthday is before mine, so he gets me a gift equal to what I get him. NOW mothers day is first!! WOOO HOOO!!!! :) Score!...

Sadie said...

Please tell me you emailed your husband a link to this post!?!? ;-)

Sarah said...

Amanda,,, on Sunday when the family was together, we suggested the men do dinner for all the ladies...... It got laughed at!! I said "fine, but whatever I contribute will be store bought, sorry!
I hope we can get in somewhere for breaky without reservations....
Sandra,,, Good for you girl!! You won't regret it and I can't think of a better gift for your mothers day,, that is something for you and only you... Well, actually it's for your hubby and baby too, because they get a healthy happy, HOT mommy out of it!!
Sadie,,,, lmao,, I wouldn't dare.. I don't want him having a link to this blog!! :)~

Angela said...

haha...I don't think my hubby had thought of it, but lucky for him he has 2 sisters, so I think he got the reminder! I've dropped a few hints myself.....not that dropping hints has had much effect in the past! I totally hear you....I could plan what I would consider to be the perfect why is it so hard for them?? I would just once like to be suprised!! Something totally spontaneous that you can tell took some thought put in to it, and not just money! But how precious to get that first real mommy's day gift....can't wait for that!

Sarah said...

So Angela???! How did he do!! I'm happy that he was reminded,, and hoping he played his cards right!!

I think I'm going to do a post on the whole "being surprised thing", and spontaneous husbands. Do you think they really exist??

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