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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LISTOGRAPHY~ Top 5 Bad Combos

Okay, so I have two posts today but I came across this idea on some other blogs and thought it was fun.
Kate from Kate Takes 5 does this weekly. She provides a topic and participants create a Top 5 List.. Fun eh??
This weeks topic??? BAD COMBINATIONS!

Here is my top 5 list (inspired by my past week)

1. Toddler's mouth/Ceramic Floor
~there will always be lots, and I mean LOTS of blood involved with this combination

2. Top teeth/lower lip
 ~again, LOTS of blood and nasty cuts involved

3. Sand/Water table
~Really??? Who thought of this combo and did they really believe for a second that the water would stay where the water goes and the sand would stay where the sand goes???!! Duh!!

4. Rubber Bands/Long hair
~ Bad combo that my daughter never seems to learn her lesson with!

5. Daddy+ Beer+late night with the boys/ MOMMY
 ~No need for explanation here!!!

For all of you Non Bloggers, what would make your Top 5???

I cannot wait to see what next weeks topic is!! In the meantime, check out some other's ideas of the Top 5 Bad Combo's at Kate Take's 5!!
Also make sure to check out my other post from today discussing the "Magic of Falling in love with your baby!"


Kate said...

Oh I know number 5 very well! And you're totally right about the sand table thing - it looks so lovely for the first 5 minutes and then....not so nice. Thanks for joining in. Following now. x

ModernMom said...

Oh my goodnessyou had a bad week! I remember those moments all too well! My youngest had a teeth meeting floor as we were heading out the door to go to Florida one year. Not stressful at all:)
Thanks for your sweet comment today, I'm your newest follower!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kate,,, Number 5 was my favourite,, I know it all too well also!!! Grrrrr.. I love the idea and can't wait to follow along...
@ModernMom, it definitely wasn't a great week!! lol My youngest keeps finding the floor with her mouth,, and it never pretty! Love your blog today, it was my morning smile!!

EmVi said...

Great list. My daughter is just the same with rubber bands and if I think back far enough I recall that I did exactly the same thing. I could put number 5 in my list.

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