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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mind of A Man!

Hi Ladies!!
I'm hoping to find some time a little later to come back and write another post, but for now I just had to get on and tell you something funny that went on in our house last night....

We were out all day and most of the evening. We got home just in time to put the girls to bed, and I was beat..
Gracie was taking her time getting ready for bed, so I took the opportunity to lay on the couch and "rest my eyes" until she was ready..
As usual, she thought it was really funny and ran over to give me "princess kisses" to wake me up.
We have a rule on princess kisses though, they have to be on the lips or they don't work to wake the person up.. She was kissing my arms, my head, my cheek, everything but my face. I was trying not to laugh at how frustrated she was getting at not being able to "wake me up".

This is when Daddy pipes up to try to help her. Instead of him saying "you have to kiss her on the lips",, my darling husband says this..

"The kisses aren't working Gracie, so you'll have to sit on her head and fart"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Really?!!! Who says that???!! For one, she's a GIRL!!! Number two, do we really want her going places sitting on peoples head and farting while trying to wake them up???

My dad always pretends to sleep when the girls come in and they always run over to give him kisses. They're always so proud that they can wake Gramps up with a kiss.. Now they'll be running over and sitting on his head and farting!!!

Anyway, my whole house broke into hysterics.. I have to admit I even laughed.. What an idiot my husband is!!
Of course Gracie took his orders and plopped herself on my head and almost popped blood vessels trying to fart on my head.
This morning, same thing!! Every time she does it, she laughs hysterically!!  So much for Princess Kisses!

This my friends, is the difference between "US" and "THEM"!! Mommy tries to convince them to act like princesses and give nice kisses and Daddy can throw all of that out the window in a second by telling them to fart on people's heads!!!!


Mrs.Moose said...

Wait till she tries so hard she shits in the process! LOL....oh Sar, all I can say is lucky for you, you didn't have a boy! Then you'd really see "the funny" daddy come out! I guess Peter's got to have his boy fun somehow. LMAO!

~ *Sandra* ~ said...

OH Sarah, It was bound to happen. You have 2 girls, and he's the only man. He's going to try and convert one of them, and apparently its Gracie! lol No one will understand the Mind of a Man ... why try! :P

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