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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Madness

That is the only way to describe my day today, and the reason that I still don't have a "good" post up..

I could also call it "Manic Monday",,, or "Meltdown Monday". How about "Mommy has gone Crazy Monday". "Migraine Monday"??.....
What I would like is.."MARTINI MONDAY" or "MERLOT MONDAY"!!
That is about the only thing that will make this "Mother F'ing Monday" any better!!!

That's it, That's all I've got!!!

How was your Monday Ladies???


Amy said...

Yeah my Monday hasn't been too great either. Hope we're just getting the bad out of our week early!

Victoria said...

Today is Mothers day hangover day! Cause lets be serious ladies, those of us who where "lucky enough" to have hubbies that allowed us to rest played catch up all day Today. I love that I went to bed at 6 pm and didn't do dishes or laundry or make lunches or vaccum or scrub toilets or organize for the week, it WAS great, but neither did my HUBBY! So I get up to a dishwasher full, no lunches made, no laundry folded or put away, sandy floors, smelly toilets,and NO LUNCHES MADE FOR SCHOOL, or Daycare kids! Plus the weather was WAY to nice to stay inside to do these things, so I spent 2 hours this afternoon while daycare kids slept and my 4 year old followed me around asking 5 BILLION questions and undoing EVERYTHING I just did trying to catch up, still not there tho! So SARAH BRING ON MARTINI MONDAY, I AM READY!!

Sadie said...

I think we should just skip Monday each week and maybe start at noon on Tuesday. Monday's are painful....but sometimes the anticipation Sunday night is worse!

Sarah said...

Oh Thank God I'm not alone!! Thanks Ladies!! You've all made me feel better!! Mondays suck!! Apparently my children think so too, and that is half of the reason, I hate them!
Vicki,, so true,, next year I'm cancelling Mothers Day,, it's totally not worth it. I feel like I was being punished this morning when i woke up and saw the state of my house!!

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