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Friday, May 6, 2011

MY Friday Five

A fellow Blogger has a post every Friday called "The Friday Five". In Five words, she describes her week. From her blog, I have been inspired to have my own "Friday Five". Mine will be Five things that I have learned throughout the week..  They will be completely random and whatever comes to my head first while I relive my week.

So, here we go, My first Friday Five.

1. My love for tampons!! Maxi Pads SUCK!!! Because of my IUD, I am unable to use tampons. I have not used a pad in years, and to go back to them has been traumatizing!! I feel more sorry for babies than I ever have before!!!

2. Children should be buckled into a wagon at all times!!! Without buckles, head first double flips WILL occur!!! (YIKES)

3. Blood coming from a toddler's mouth may appear to be worse than it actually is. A whole lot of blood comes from the mouth area.

4. It feels really good to get something accomplished that has been on your "to do" list for months! (you should all try it)

5. There is nothing more special than receiving your first "home made" Mothers Day gift from a 3 year old!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY LADIES!!! I hope you're all spoiled and I hope I get (at least) my bottle of Merlot!!!
My 1st Real Mothers Day Gift from Gracie!


Amy said...

Did you know tampons are filled with chemicals and can actually cause you to have endometriosis if you are prone to it? I'll take a few days of being uncomfortable over the massive horrid pain of endo anyday!

Also I hear the diva cup is a really good alternative to pads so might want to look into that.

Sorry my comment was all about menstruation products LOL1

Mrs.Moose said...

Amy is very right Sar. My doctor told me NOT to use tampons as it could be contributing to my bad cramps. I know it sucks to use pads....put there are many bad things about tampons!

Sarah said...

I totally understand what you guys are saying,, but I'm sorry,, I can't take this diaper between my legs.... ugghhhh I feel so yucky all day and self conscious.. If the IUD doesn't take away my period, I'm telling them to yank it out so that I don't have to wear these things anymore...

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