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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stupid Groceries.....

I had so many things that I thought I was going to talk about today, but a "quick" trip to the grocery store just changed everything.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?
I dropped Gracie off at school and decided to hit the grocery store. I thought it would be nice to have dinner ready for my hubby for once. You know.... just to keep things interesting. lol
My poor hubby! He has a twelve hour day and then goes to the grocery store, picks out dinner, and even comes home and cooks it..
That sounds really bad, doesn't it?? (don't judge!)

So,, (back on topic) Being the good wife/mother that I am, I went to the grocery store.

Is there anything that can put you in a bad mood quite like a trip to the grocery store??
Maybe this is why i stopped going (regularly) in the first place!
Honest to god, every item I went to pick up was so expensive! When did this happen?? When did laundry detergent become $19.99?? A bag of potatoes $5?? When did a can of frozen juice become $1.29? Toilet paper..... don't even get me started on toilet paper!!!
I went in to grab a "couple" of things for dinner, came out with 4 bags.. 4!! My bill was $110.00!!!!
I got next to nothing (other than feeling sick to my stomach), and I paid $110.00..

I walked through the store, adding up the total in my head, with each item that I reached for. (which kind of takes the fun out of it)There were a few extra things that I needed. I just left them behind figuring we could wait. I refused to give that store one more dime of my money.
Until I reached the check out......

Shit!! I forgot my nice black grocery bags at home. No biggie, I'll just hand over some more of my hubbies hard earned money to pay for some plastic bags... Piss me off!!
I'm all for the environment and stuff, but this grocery bag thing pisses me off!!

I'm sorry but as I'm packing my two children up in the morning, chasing my dog around, getting myself ready and finding matching shoes for 3 people, the last thing I'm thinking about is grabbing the FRIGGIN grocery bags!!
So people, you know what?! I don't need the dirty looks when I say I need to buy bags. I realize they cost money but I don't really have another option now do I?? I also don't need the dirty looks from other customers when they see me walking out with my 4 plastic bags! Why can't they just : Look at me, take one look,(make it a good one) feel sorry for me and MOVE ON!!!
So I don't have reusable bags, I forgot them. It's better than forgetting my child!

I left the grocery store, pretty grumpy, but the sun was shining and Lylah was smiling, so I turned on the radio and  tried to snap out of it. I grabbed a coffee and headed home. I was starting to come around!

The mood quickly went down hill again when i got home, unloaded the groceries and went to put them away!!

No room in the fridge!! There is no room in the friggin' fridge!! My blog writing time is now being taken up by cleaning out the fridge.
Why, why do we keep leftovers???!!
They never get eaten! They sit in my fridge and make it stink! They make it so that every time the fridge door opens, the whole house STINKS!!
From this day forward, leftovers are going in the garbage. Same as "almost gone" bbq sauces, jams, sauces... if they are less than half full, they're going in the garbage! They never EVER get used!

I'm ranting! I'm fully aware of that, but I needed to get that off my chest. The grocery store put me in a crappy  mood and I needed to share it with everyone..

I have decided that I will be going back to grocery delivery... I don't know why  I ever stopped.. I had a routine down pat. Order groceries, clean out fridge, wait for delivery, put groceries away...
Today also made me realize that I need to become one of those crazy coupon mommies!! I don't know how to go about it yet, but I'm going to read some blogs today and find out!! I will keep you posted, but look out, because I WILL be the crazy coupon lady!

Am I the only one that has such strong feelings on Grocery shopping.???  All of this anger just to make my husband dinner just doesn't seem worth it....

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I hear you and you must be writing how I am feeling today because I just went to the grocery store to get something for supper too and I HATE it. The prices are gone totally crazy and like you said I won't even go there with the price of toilet paper. I don't know how anyone with a big family does it or how any of us are expected to make a living with all the crazy prices of everything between bills and groceries!!! My husband does the grocery shopping most times, because I use to do it but he usually takes the cart and goes on so I decided to just let him do as for leftovers, I always put them away but unless I eat them my fridge stinks too only for me to have to deal with it later and be sick to my stomach with the look and smell of like you said why not just throw it away in the first place!!! This coupon thing sounds like a great idea and one that me and jamie have been talking about lately but there is not alot of it around here to take advantage of like there is in the states but we have started saving some and you can go online and pick out the ones you want and they will send them to you!! Anyway hun I hope your hubby is happy with his supper and that you have a better day!!!
Amanda Crann

Amy said...

Oh gosh I need to teach you my ways LOL! I can get enough groceries for 2 weeks for under $150 WITHOUT coupons. And no I am not talking about 2 weeks worth of soup LOL!

They make you pay for plastic grocery bags? That's ridiculous. We always re-used them for our litter boxes. Now I've no idea what to do with so many bags and no cats LOL!

Teachermum said...

I DETEST every aspect of grocery shopping.

The Home C.E.O. said...

oh sarah. poor, poor, crazy sarah. I'm so glad to hear your impossibly crazy rant. I hate going to the store. we've all been there!

Sadie said...

I couldn't tell you which I hate more - grocery shopping or laundry. My latest grocery grudge is the mark-up between banners that belong to the same chain. I can save $80 every week be bagging my own groceries...but damn it sometimes I just want someone to do it for me!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all of the comments ladies!! I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone with hating going food shopping!
In Ontario, yes, we have to pay for our shopping bags. Crazy!!
Sadie!! I want someone to bag my groceries too. There is nothing I hate more than feeling rushed while having to fit everything into the 3 bags I just purchased!!
Amy~ Spill is gril,, What is your secret!

Steph said...

I don't like grocery shopping... but it's a necessity so I do it. We eat a lot of asian veggies and the local grocery store doesn't carry that to deliver to me.. or, I would join you in getting them delivered! As for leftovers.. AGHH! I am the only one tat finishes them off! Hubby says he'll take to work but he somehow "forgets" EVERYDAY!!! How is that for a helper?! In CA we will soon be paying for our grocery bags unless we carry our own - and I often forget and have to turn around after having gotten the boys comfy in the cart! Oh well!!! such is life! Let me know how the coupon thing works out for you.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh Steph! My husband is the same.. He always tells me that he is going to take them to work and "forgets" them every time!!! So double the work for us because now we have to throw it out and clean out the containers..
I'll keep you updated on the coupon thing!!

my abc soup said...

Ha, been there! I just blogged about becoming the crazy coupon lady. I'm trying to learn since food prices are sky rocketing and my baby is now eating as much as I do.

brittany @

Anonymous said...

Ahh - that necessary evil called grocery shopping. Not my favoritist thing to do unless I'm planning a fancy pants dinner/dessert. (or Friendly's Ice Cream is on sale)
My Stop and Shop (I think it's called Giant in other parts of the planet) just started this new scanning system for while you shop - you scan and bag as you're going down the aisle and know how much you're spending as you go. Don't know how I feel about it yet. My first attempt was a little annoying, but, I was dealing with plastic bags. Made it a little more fun though at the same time! I like the way you do your blog here. I'm going to reference to my blog designer as one that I like! HAve a great weekend Sarah! Don't be run over by the herds of crazy people at the grocery store this weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS = Anonymous = Wendie (odd jobs momma person thingie)

Sarah said...

I was wondering if that was you Wendie!!! lol.
Thanks for your compliments on my blog! I had a great designer..
You grocery scanning system sounds interesting,,, I'd like to hear more. I'm wondering if it would slow the whole process down??
I don't plan on entering a grocery store this weekend, I think I'll send my hubby! HA!!
Have a great weekend!

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