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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top Mommy Blogs

I'm excited to say that I've joined a community of Blogging Mommies!!
Everyone should check this site out. At Top Mommy Blogs, you will find a ranked and rated directory to some of the best Mommy Blogs out there!!
The site works on a rating system. The more ranks and "clicks" I get,  the higher in ranks I will move, This allows for many more people to see the link to my blog.
This is where all of you come in.. You will see that just to the right, I have added a Top Mommy Blogs Banner. If you simply click on this every time you visit my blog, you will give me another vote and help me to move up in ranks..
I am really enjoying this experience with my blog and I hope you are too.. I am hoping to gain some more readers and I think that this is a really great way to do it. Hopefully with some more daily readers I can take my blog to the next level, and start doing some fun draws and giveaways!
I appreciate all of your help, and look forward to making this site bigger and better than ever!

Now Get Clicking!!! While you're there,, Check out some of the other great Blogs! The Top #25 are on the homepage and are all really great!! Your vote every day will hopefully land me in that Top #25 in no time!!

Thanks Ladies,, You're all the best!!


Amy said...

Welcome to the "club"!! Clicked! :)

Miranda said...

Hi Sarah!! Your blog is super cute. Thanks so much for stopping by my "place". Glad to see your a new member. Love it!!

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