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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now that's funny.... search topics..

I'm BACK...... and I'm not going to lie.
I had something completely different planned for today... My day however, went to the shits, and I have nothing done. My husband will be done work in 10 minutes and it takes him about 45 minutes to get home.. I'm really hoping that he stops for a bottle of wine, so that should give me about an hour to make this house look like I've achieved something today, plus get a post written... I'm typing fast!!

I saw something the other day that completely cracked me up. The problem is, I can't remember which blog I saw it on. Because I'm running short on time, I don't have it in me to search through hundreds of sites to find it.... So,,, if I took this idea from you, let me know and I will give you credit!

For all of you Non Bloggers, I have to explain that we bloggers have access to a certain amount of information regarding views on our blog.. We have a "stats" section....
Here, we can see who is referring our site and where are viewers are coming from.

A lot of my views come from the Google Search Engine.. People who are searching for something completely different sometimes end up on my site because of certain "key words" that they searched.
On our stats page, we are actually given the list of keywords that brought people to the site...

When I went and looked really closely at my "all time" list of keywords,, it was hilarious.. I think that I should share them with you.. There seems to be a bit of a trend!!

1.dixie chicks wide open spaces
2.not big boobs
3.not so silent mommy
4.big boobs in shorts
5.big butt tiny shorts
6.big mommy boobs
7.can gynecologist come to the house
8.CHEATED ON MY HUSBAND ON MOTHER'S DAY (I cant' believe someone Googled that!)
9.How to deal with a bratty 3 year old (I've never Googled it, but I wonder it every day)
10.Girls dress today, short shorts
11.Mom short shorts
12.not too short shorts
13.short and curvy
14.big boobs
15.Sarah Crann Blog 

Do you see why I felt the need to share that with you?? HILARIOUS!!! 
Do you think it's all men finding me?? Surely it can't be women Googling all of those things??!!  
I do love however that I am that closely related to BIG BOOBS!!!


Now, I dare all of my fellow bloggers to not go take a good look at you list of 
Please come back and let me know what you find!
To all of my readers that aren't bloggers, ~if you lost the link to my site, what would
you Google Search to find me??

I will keep you all posted if I get some new interesting ones!! 

Have a great night! My baby finally goes to the Children's Hospital tomorrow, so
I would love some positive vibes/energy, and prayers sent my way if you
have any extra!! Thanks so much!  

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Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

LOL! Boobs and butts eh? And a Happy belated my Dear Sarah... Cups Up! xoxo

Foster said...

I really enjoy your blog and want to give it the Stylish Blogger Award. Visit me here: to collect it!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

LOL @C.OC.M... Boobs and Butts!! Maybe I should change my subject up a bit!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

@Foster!! Thanks so much!!! That's awesome and makes me feel especially lucky as it's my second one this week... Do you want me to decline it so that you can give it to someone else??!!

Shell said...

This is hilarious!!!

Do you write about big butts and boobs? LMAO

Sadie said...

Very funny...butts, boobs AND short shorts! Does it get any better! lol Good luck tomorrow!

iMentalMommy said...

I always check mine out as well. Mine are in no way as funny as yours, BUT I saw a referring URL that was different than usual, so I clicked on it and NO IDEA why someone went from porn to MY site. I guess I'm quite the MILF.

The Home C.E.O. said...

you can see where people found you from?????

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Funny, isn't it ladies??! Hey, if big boobs and butts gets me readers,, that's okay with me...

IMental... Porn?? LMAO!! What the heck are you writing over there?? ha!

@Home C.E.O~ Yep! Can't you see it?

Lexie Lane said...

LOL! Wow! Can you imagine? And here, I thought we were all innocent mommies who have nothing better to do than take care of our kids and our hubbies! NOT!
So Sarah, what is it you actually did today cause I'd like to know if yours is spent glued to the computer like mine. Yes, my poor baby needs more attention from his mommy, but I'm so engrossed in the site and everything else that he lacks it sometimes and I feel so bad. Then my husband comes home to what he left with in the morning. Really sad. I think I need to take some time out this weekend and clean house!
Well, hope yours is great and relaxing!

NotSoSilentMommy said...

Innocent mommies?!!! You must not be reading the same posts that i am!! LOL
Unfortunately on Thursday, I was busy with clients at home, plus had to get Gracie to school.. just a crazy day. My day is very often spent staring at this silly computer though,, and I still don't have time to keep up to all of the blog stuff!! I definitely know where you're coming from!! my house is suffering greatly!! Oh well!

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